Why 3 Mile Storage?

Hey, it's jim! In this episode, let's talk about, well, where three mile came from, the name. Okay, a little different, you know.

Years ago I came up with three mile domination because it's, you know that that three mile anyone that's in the self storage industry, you kind of know that your target market it's a three mile radius.

Now I know in some rural areas might be larger and some really, uh, high density cities. It's smaller, but on average, we all kind of agree that three mile radius market is that your target market that you're focusing on.

And so, yeah, I wanted to dominate that three mile market. And three mile domination, it's still out there. You know, there's a lot of videos with myself and matt van horn at the time, and in fact, I did a quick hits with three mile domination for awhile.

And that's kind evolved into this. With the quick hits in these small, bite sized segments like this like it's kind of fun and they're out there anyway, with the rebranding I wanted, you know, storage the name because hey, in the storage industry. So three miles storage.

And yes, so every time i'm talking about that, everything we talk about in these segments and pretty much everything I do always kind of have on that lens of that three mile market.

You know, when it comes to with the marketing and the sales and knowing your competition and how you're going to properly have a revenue management, you know, ticket at your site.

It's all kind of one of that lens of this is my market. I'm kind of putting blinders on everything else. I'm just focusing on my three mile market. My three mile market. What can I do to stand out?

What kind of make sure my website is the best in my market. What can I do to make sure my sales calls are amazing and standing out from everybody else. You know, just dovetails everything we're talking about, I kind of builds upon each other and just kind of have that lens of everything we talk about is how can we dominate our three mile market with you know what? We're going through what we're talking about. Uh, that's the idea.

All right, so gonna be fun again. Thank you so much for being a part of this journey. We're gonna get into this here. Now gonna start rolling.

Just want to kind of give a little bit of a little bit of back story myself and the company. So you ready? Let's go dominate.

Hi, everyone. This is jim again. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to visit threemilestorage. Com for more free resource on how to grow your self storage business.

See you on the next episode.

I thought I'd tell a brief story on where the name "3 Mile" came from and why I chose it for so many of my self storage services.

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