Who's Got Your Customer?

Hey, it's jim. On this segment of three minutes of three mile. I want to talk about a question that I often ask myself, and that is who's got my customers?

Okay, when i'm running a facility with my property management company or if i'm doing a consultation with somebody, i'll ask them that. Okay, who's got your customers?

And sometimes it kind of takes people back a little bit. Well, quite frankly, your competition does all right. We can't create a demand for storage.

You know, people need it when they need it. Okay? But it's our job to market ourselves correctly so that people decide that they are in need of storage.

That your top of mind and they are calling you versus your competition. So again, you ask yourself that question. Who's currently getting my customers?

Because I guarantee you you're not getting not getting all the rentals in your area. It's otherwise you're you're competition would be empty.

All right, so so why in the world with that customer that move all the items in your competitors facility, why did they choose them over you?

Okay, be honest. Uh, make it hurt a little bit okay. It might hurt, you know, a little bit to kind of put yourself in the position of why did they choose them did they have better online attention than you. They have better drive by visibility is the manager or call center better on the phone than you?

Okay? I want you to take this personally. Like I said, make it hurt. Make a hurt a little bit or a lot.

Uh, you know that customer, you know, that should have been coming to your facility to rent from you. No. No, they they're giving your business they're given your competition their business there, given their competition, more revenue.

They said no to you. They said yes to somebody else. Why? So ask yourself that question, you know, did you even give yourself did you give yourself a chance to even get a swing of the bat?

You know, just, uh did you get? Did you even get the call? Okay, that's one thing getting a call, and then they choose somewhere else.

Okay, I get you didn't have a chance to present your offer to that customer. So, you know, ask yourself. You know, that that question start factoring in some of these things of looking at your marketing, even giving yourself a chance to get that rental if not why?

Okay, got to be really honest with yourself. So, you know, I always ask, you know that to my potential clients, when we're discussing about possible managing their property, not ask, you know what you're currently doing to give yourself, ah, chance to get that rental versus, you know, the guy down the street and just kind of phrasing it that way.

You start kind of going through your own, your own marketing, what you can do better. What's working I can focus on is already working. And make that even better.

Okay, it's just a it's a great, quick way to get insight, uh, into your operations and marketing and kind of see it again, where you're at now, where you want to get to and kind of building that roadmap and that path to make things better. So again, we'll leave it that.

Ask yourself that question. Who's got my customers? All right? Now go. Dominate. Hi, everyone.

This is jim again. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to visit threemilestorage. Com for more free resource on how to grow your self storage business.

See you on the next episode.


I guarantee you're not getting all of the customers that you could be getting in your local self storage market. Here's an important question I ask myself for every location I manage..."Who's Got My Customers?" and how can I boost the odds that potential customers choose me over my competition.

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