Welcome To 3 Minutes with 3 Mile Storage!

Hey, it's jim. Welcome to my new series that's going to be part of the self storage show. This is three minutes with three mile. Obviously, things here, it's gonna be part of also the content i'm building with three mile storage.

My goal with this is in three mile is pretty simple. I want to help independent self storage owners help them dominate their three mile market unit.

We're gonna be discussing mindset, marketing, move in's , money. You know in these small bite size segments. I know I like when i'm watching content online and just how I learn.

I like small things like that small segments that I could just consume and take action on. So that's kind of the idea behind this we're gonna do is much content as possible in these small segments. So I hope you enjoy it.

I'm really excited to have you join me along this path well, dominating your local three mile market, we're gonna do this together. So again, thank you so much for being a part of this. I will do as much as I can with the content. Being is consistent as possible as i'm growing my management company and everything else I do in the self storage industry, so it's gonna be fun.

Alright. So again, thanks so much for being a part of it. Now go dominate. Hi, everyone. This is jim again.

If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to visit 3milestorage. Com for more free resources on how to grow your self storage business. See you on the next episode.


My goal of the 3 Minutes with 3 Mile is simple: I want to help independent self storage owners to dominate their local 3 mile markets by discussing Mindset, Marketing, Move Ins, & Money in small bite sized segments.
I'm excited for you to join me as we go along the path to dominating your local 3 mile market together!

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