Using Competition Alliances To Get Extra Self Storage Rentals

All right. How's everyone doing on this friday? This week has gone by fast. That's where it is going back quicker than it was when you're younger.

Don't know. Can't believe already november. Uh, anyway, speaking of friday's, uh, every friday, I don't know the last couple of weeks here, I just brought top let you know on fridays. I do these open our virtual sessions about 30 minutes time blocks and, you know, posted last week in the self storage facebook group. So real quick. If you're not a part of that yet go to self storage community dot com.

Now it's our online facebook group. I got good things going on in there, but that's kind of where I talk about more specifics on getting more one on one going.

And anyway, I did, uh, been doing these friday sessions, and we would talk about, you know, marketing revenue operations.

Have investors been calling me? I kind of pointing in the right directions on you know who to talk to and been going really well today. Yeah, it's gonna it's gonna be a long day and I forget to drink a lot of water because I think I got eight sessions booked today, so yeah, it is pretty. Is sold out.

Eso again, i'll post again in the facebook group on where to go to book a time for next friday. It's gonna look up for that, but yeah, I had a session last week on this.

Actually, this topic came up a couple of times when it came to marketing, and they're just looking for, uh, other ways on just getting some other rentals coming in.

You know, besides just not having a got a website, and i'm paying for square foot and blah, blah, blah, those kind of things.

What's something else I could be doing? And this has been going on for my little in my bubble decides that I run. I've done this for a number of years, and it works out really well, get a lot of results.

Um, talking about competition, alliances. And then we had this a couple times last week with people. They gave him this strategy and make sure tell him hey, let me know how it goes, you know, on some feedback.

And it wasn't four days later, five days later, after that, someone reached back and just said actually followed up.

Imagine that and said, hey, thats works. I've gotten what you say again. Four. Reynolds. Yeah, that five days later got four reynolds.

So running a day. Hey, i'll take that off of this strategy and so what? It is in a nutshell. Off his competition alliance is basically once you've figured out how many computers you have in your three mile radius, sometimes it's five, but generally three miles.

Getting that list. Just get that hit list of all the other competition in the area. Guarantee. If they've been around for two or more years, they're probably full.

No, not completely full. There definitely fall on certain size codes. Okay, just how it goes. And I said, it's all time. I'm calling sites and doing competition.

Uh, calls, you know, doing the secret shopper calls. Yeah, nine times out. We're full.

We're full, we're full, we're full. That's it. There's hanging up on me, not help me out at all.

So if you're a newer site, or if you're struggling on certain size codes to fill up, this is a great strategy on the fact that even if you are a fool, if you're doing our proper revenue management correctly.

You should be always having some vacancies available. So this is a great strategy to bring any people in. Okay. Basically, what it is is what you've identified all your competitors in your area.

First, i'll send him a letter. I want you all do storytime region here. I'll actually read you this letter. Okay? Sit around a letter and present this opportunity to them.

Okay. I guarantee you no one else was really taking the time and effort to put this kind of marketing strategy together. And I know if I was on the other side of it and I was a manager and I was getting a letter like this, you would get my attention.

Okay, so let's just let's just jump right into it here again. Once you get your are your competition that's in your area. Get that list. Get the mailing.

Send him this letter. Okay on. I'll tell you a bit later how you can all send it to you. Yeah, starts off with never let money walk out the door again.

Lister storage name. You know the manager's name great in this list of self storage facility is there anything more frustrating as a self storage business than having a potential customer hang up the phone without reserving space.

If this has happened to you, it was either because a your facility is completely full and you have a waiting list, which is a lot of them. Or be the custom needed, a specific size that you just didn't have available, no matter what. The reason is very painful. To watch money walk away from your business on the seeking sensation of a missed opportunity to generate more revenue.

I'm writing this to you because I have a solution that's going to eliminate this terrible situation in your business. When someone needs storage, they need it now.

Ok, we all agree on that. Waiting lists are often a waste of time for many operators. That potential customer is seeking stories because they have ran into space.

Do you really expect that they will wait patiently by? The phone's dying for you to call them? No. They're gonna go toe one of the other stories facilities in our market to have their storage needs met, leaving you with $0.

It's time to get real about what's going on here. That customer is going to become someone else's customer anyway. Why not put yourself in a position to monetize every single missed opportunity?

I'm offering you the perfect solution right now, and it's not too good to be true. It's just too good to be ignored. Love that line anyway. Here's what i'm proposing.

The next time you have a potential customer that you are unable to serve yourself, I want you to send them my way. When they become a customer, I will get you $50 in cold, hard cash.

Now it's clear to you what you're what agree upon as what you're willing to spend to acquire a customer. K. I do 100 bucks all day long, but we're gonna have a second look. You won't be getting anything out of the customer anyway.

Why not turn that big fat zero into 50 bucks? I'll be following up with you in a couple of days to go over this win win. You can also call me at phone number there today to get started even sooner.

Regards your name, your contact information, ok, simple to the point e even go a step further. Well, i'm certainly is out to get to get real attention.

Uh, you can buy, like, the started money and stable out to it. And you can kind of change the phrasing. Like, you know, you're just you're putting your money through the shredder.

You know, that kind of thing. Kind of change the headline a little bit toe tied in with that short of money or i've done you buy that. Just fake money.

It's faith's got chinese symbol stuff on it. It's obviously fake. Or you could write on it. This could be yours or something like that on it.

Staple out to it and decided next one is gonna be riel, that kind of thing just to get attention. I e even also done like a burn burn money and have, like, half of a burned and put it on there and change the headline. And i'll quit burning their money a lot of different ways. You can do it, okay, get creative.

But it gets their attention, okay? And I just know expects, like some of these, uh, my pop self storage facilities and that kind of thing.

Yeah. They want every single money revenue stream that they could possibly get okay. And when you're kind of pointing out the obvious off, you're just throwing money away at a missed opportunity because you are spending money to get that phone to ring. Okay, help them.

If you can help them either right then and there, with availability or a certain size code, help that customer. Don't find another avenue for them to call. It must be like i'm full. Good luck, like no being much more customer oriented and customer minded k help that customer months. This is a great solution to help the customer find them a storage space that they need.

You're gonna make some money on the back end of for a referral fee. It's a win win. Okay, i'm like I said, this particular person is barely used it for wells in five days.

Look at that over the course of a month or recorder, of course of a year. Yeah, it's just to me. It's just count reynolds.

It's almost like you're getting what iss you're drafting off other people's marketing that's already in your market to benefit you okay, use it. Uh, it's not that hard. Okay, well, I specifically dio mellon, this letter out okay, on wait a week.

I'm sure there's people watching this. I've done this too. So you're seeing what I do. What? I dio wait a week. I'll just have the manager just go in, ok? Doesn't matter if they sent us a referral or not.

That's a great follow up. Just you just walk in and say, hey, I you know, I thought you sent up. You got my letter?

Apparently, last week. Great. I mean, I was going to stop in just to see if you had any questions or just introduce myself, but I already got that referral, you know.

Thank you, man. So here's the money. And sometimes I didn't get a letter like, oh, yeah, metal on t last week.

Here's a copy of it. Just got it. But someone sent me referral, and they said it was from you guys, so thank you.

Uh huh. We'll take the money, and it just shows that you are serious to me. It's just that's just a cost of marketing. Okay, just to get the wheels going on, you're setting that relationship up.

It's one thing just to say, hey, i'll pay you referral and you never hear from again. There's no follow up. Nothing like that.

Cold, hard cash speaks volumes, ok? People are actually that's guys serious. Um, I should say this, but i've had a few situations where some of the bigger players in the market, um, their managers were sending his leads probably shouldn't be, would have been doing that.

Our owners and and, uh, I would have been very happy with that because they got to make their investors happy, but hey, work when we filled up pretty quickly, so that's kind of fun.

But it's it's a great strategy to use very easy to use as well. Um, do you have any questions? Let me know in the chat here, um s o in facebook group.

That's what. We're gonna get this, by the way. Okay. Go to pull us up again. Go to self storage community dot com very part of the community and that facebook group great.

Um, cannot join that you can see any. It's only we're gonna get this, and i'll send this to you. I'll send it like a word, doc. You can kind of, you know, of course, filling some things in make it. Your own, uh, don't change very much.

I actually encourage you not to change very much because of these. Each word, each sentence paragraph is laid out in a way that is highly, uh, trying to get the word.

But it's it's effective. Okay, persuasive. There you go. That's the word. Highly persuasive for those that are reading it to take action and follow through. Okay, so you don't wanna mess with a copy too much.

I think I paid for this copy, but i'm giving it to accept a nice guy s. Oh, yeah, that is the competition alliance in a nutshell.

Alright. If you wanna talk about it more again, you can join my on my friday sessions against in the community. You can find a link to a book. A session. Now, on fridays. It's just open virtual office hours, basically for 30 minutes, and i'm nurse for 30 minutes. We'll talk marketing strategies and revenue and operations and investing opportunities.

All sorts of fun. So all right. Thanks so much for tuning in today. Live. It's also be a podcast episode, uh, trying to this every day for 30 days, so we'll see how it goes all right. Thanks so much, guys. Take care.

I'll talk to you soon. Bye. Cool. All right. That was just kind of the was recording that for a podcast episode.

Uh, I want to see who else is on here. Cool. Cool. I got some people coming on. Hey, jose. Done. And the contractor? Good. You get a lot of contractors on the group in that watching. So that's great.

I mhm virginia beach travel all over. Sweet. Good, good. Alright. And just let you know. It's like on my side.

The what? The streaming service. For me to see your name, you have to just click little button that says, allow st mary to see your name.

Otherwise, this is facebook user, but it's all good. Uh, no, that z you know, i'll be doing this a t least for the next 30 days on nine o'clock center time, right here on the facebook group in the profile page, and i'll keep it going. So anything that specifically you guys want to hear or any topics? Cool. Let me know.

Otherwise, I kind of have my little list of what I want to talk about, but well within anything specifically you guys want me to cover?

Also got some guests lined up. It's cool of vendors, uh, partnerships where they're coming up that we're gonna be highlighting as well given opportunity, uh, chat directly with them.

Just more of focused approach. So it'll be fun. So all right, we'll keep this kind of short and sweet today. Have a good fried everybody. Good weekend, but i'll be back again tomorrow, so keep it going.

All right? Take care. Bye. Okay.


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