Use Your Self Storage Google My Business As Your Social Media!

Hi everyone this is jim ross. Thanks again for joining me for the self storage show. Today's episode I was thinking, look, kind of stem from a conversation I had on friday, friday, as I have my open virtual office hours and again, that's where I get a lot of content from, you know, talking people that air doing storage, you know, and I hear these these questions and that that come to me and like, hey, you got that question. I'm sure another 20 people have that same same questions. So we're gonna talk about it.

Oh, yeah, I never mentioned names on who i'm talking to. Of course, that's that's confidential, but the ideas and the content behind it it could be very useful for everybody else. Toe, you're part of them. Listen to so what it waas is we're talking. He called me and it was one topic going to talk about. And that waas basically, I i can't get any.

You can't get any reynolds. I can't get any calls. I can't get any activity. My social media platforms, I just I don't know, I keep trying and trying not getting anything out of it.

All right? Well, like specifically what? Social media trying to to build, of course. Facebook, my facebook page instagram.

You know, I got these followers and things like that, but i'm i'm posting. It's not getting any rails out of it. My great. Well, let's reverse engineer this a little bit, like, take yourself completely got a storage you're not not in. The industry can be your consumer.

You need a storage unit. Okay, what would you dio e searching on instagram local on trying to find that self storage facility that's posting? Are you going on on facebook and trying to find a local facility that's that has a good, uh, content and reviews kind of thing?

Mhm? No. During nine times out of 10, you know, the consumer they're looking for store their search engine, okay? They're not not go to social media and then trying to find a picking and choosing trying to find facility. No, they're they're using search.

Okay. Self storage near me, you know, they're just doing it on their phone. Find self storage near me, you know, type it in its search.

First social. Wait a second, but there is a nice blend that most sites aren't taking advantage of. And that blend is google. My business.

Carry that's course. Google. That's it's google's world. That's google, my business that you're free listing that you have an all star examples here in a second.

Uh, that's what you condone. Now you can use that as a social media platform, and i'll show you what I mean here, uh, if I could share my screen, do find it real quick.

Here we go. Yeah. Okay. All right. So, for example, this is one of those sites that I run. Okay.

And here on the right, that that's your google. My business listing. Okay, that's what it's looking like. And this is not going to be how can you change this like this?

Okay, this is not gonna be a google my business tutorial. Okay, i've done that. A sfar as walking you through. If I could do it for four days about an hour each day on optimized, near listing to really get in the tactics of it. Don't worry, i've i've been asked numerous times. I'll be releasing that next week it's part of the challenge that i'm doing. I'll be releasing that next week, so looking for that.

But before I even get any much of this, just do me a favor real quick. Go on your phone. Download google my business app. Okay. You'll find it takes two seconds.

You gotta make sure you have that downloaded. It's obviously tied in. Make sure it's tied in with your listing for your storage site. And you can do so much of what we're talking about. Hair just right on your phone.

Okay? Don't overcomplicate things. Uh, but what I was talking about as far as using it as your social media is okay, you're you're on facebook and you're you're making posts.

Cool. No one's seen it. You're on instagram. You're making the post. No one cares. Sorry, but they don't versus google my business when you're typing in, you know, self storage near me. Find your zip code. Whatever.

And they're popping up on the tom. Are your listings well, great. But now you start using some of those social media aspects in your google. My business listing.

Okay. Kind of blending it too. Best of both worlds and I promise. You gonna get a lot more trafficking a lot more conversions, or reynolds often cook in my business, and you ever will on facebook and everything else. So hey, you got a time?

Time to waste. Want to play with it? Cool. Go right ahead. I'd much rather focus on my time and energy on something that actually works.

Eso I know kind of black and white, but it's true. Eso just what kind of show you real quick. This is far as a customer that's looking at my listing.

Just start seeing things that pop out okay. Again, we're not getting the tactics and strategies on this is not the purpose of this. That's one of the kind of just open your eyes. A few things reviews.

Okay, that's always big when you're kind of kind of us versus them. So google my business versus facebook, for example. Okay, people have reviews.

A lot more people care about reviews right here, because again it's within search. Okay? It's helping their buying decision. People are searching when they wanna buy. Right now, they're not just going for kicks and giggles and then just searching around and going on facebook. Whatever.

Just looking up storage sites? No, maybe meeks on historic nerd. But that's it. Okay, your average person is not doing that so again. Just just focus. Just focus all your energy, right? You're on google my business stuff.

So there's reviews. That's your social aspect right there again. That za whole nother aspect of how to gather review is making sure replying reviews. But you get the point.

All this information here that's gonna be part of if I can do all this on your phone, too. Checking out your info. What I want to talk about is we got your products.

Okay? That's just like a post. And it's being it's kind of in your face. Cool. This is what we have is a real crisis that we have awesome.

You got your questions and answers. That's cool. Coming down here. See this? There's a post.

There's a post mean talking. Okay, uh, these so it's just like this. If you're on facebook and you're making a social media post cool.

Great. You can do it, but use that same post or make it you know, any kind of post you do there. Do it here first. Okay, that's that's all i'm saying.

Do not in your google my business profile. First, it's gonna get views. I mean, just like this one here. This is like an offer. So moving special cool.

Hosted it there. I think last time I like to think that had, like, 2000 views on it, you can put buttons on it. You can track the clicks a lot more metrics and analytics you'll ever get on any of the social platform.

Okay. And stuff. You know, if i'm looking at storage sites on this kind of scene and how this one's optimize and it's got some good post, it's got some visually appealing.

Yeah, i'll probably give him a call. Okay, let's just I don't know. Let's just pick one here. Thing is the one I usedto this is inside. I usedto live and work at back in the day, so that's kind of funny.

It's look, uh, wow brings back memories. Yeah, I used to live right in there. Looks like a jail cell, but yeah, I was home sweet home for a while.

All right. It's just look again. If this is your site now and i'm doing this? Nothing personal. I just happen to click on it.

Uh, okay, right off the bat again. This isn't a google my business, uh, tutorial or i'm not gonna rip on anybody. But just for a quick so I can't help myself reviews.

They're not replying to reviews again. This is treated as a social media. So people are contacting you on your your big a post on facebook, and someone likes it, and they're they're talking back.

What do you do? You respond. Right? Same thing. Don't just leave ming. And especially that's like, oh, you got broken into. We lost 17 grand.

Don't go here, man. I'd be on that in a heartbeat. What we do to resolve, that's what what can we do to help you or so sorry.

Shipping. Gonna take that down. Um, so I could do there security gate. Yeah, I have no about to get there. Yeah, probably bad, bad, bad reviews.

Uh, so we're going down. We're looking down. That's about it. That's that's their listing. So to see how before, with this other one cool to see what stands out we're getting. Those of those posts were getting those products listings it's it's vitally important. So, yeah, it's just that's enough of that.

Let's cat. So again, that's kind of bottom line. What I want to get across is, if you're making post on anything else, just default to google. My business first and foremost, okay? Just just always do it there.

No, get so much more bang for your buck. You really will. And with post its out of its they also actually are highly encouraging you to make these posts and do it frequently.

Um, they burn off after seven days, I believe after a week, um, suppose that you put up are gone. You saw I put an offer offer a little bit different offer. You could stay for a long time, but your regular social media posts put google my business.

They burn off after a week. So it's it's forcing you actually to be consistent and putting new things up. In fact, I got this new things up. It's been a week, so i'll be doing that.

And again, it doesn't take long. You can, in fact, I have again. I do hold tutorials on my google. My business course i'll be releasing next week way releasing.

I got great feedback. I did that the first twice now recorded it last time and packaged up nice and nice and pretty. Don't be releasing that.

It's the smallest things. We just kind of follow along. Step on. Cool pause. Do it step to cool pause. Do it and you just kind of built upon itself. When you're all done, your profile is gonna rock compared to everybody else because again, I don't know why. But most people just don't take the time, quite frankly. And it doesn't take that much time that that's the beauty of this.

Why don't you guys have everything set up? You start making part of your weekly to do list. Okay, that's that's making a post that's make sure you're going through. The review is making sure that you your products are up to date and just kind of having that set up, and you could do this and i'm home 10 minutes a week, 15 minutes a week.

It just kind of have that set up. So again, that's get off my soapbox here. But that's that's just one thing I really want to stress one more time is when you look into social media. And first off, I commend you for actually thinking outside the box a little bit and look in a different kind of marketing.

Thio. Get the phone to ring. I get it. That's that's awesome. Fantastic and cool. Keep your facebook page. Keep your scram page, but be realistic that you're not getting rounds from it.

Okay? And if you're cool, find yourself very, very lucky. I have just I haven't seen anyone to be able to crack that nut when it comes to those platforms.

Just focus. Default everything to your google, my business page and treat that as your social media network, your social media page.

That's your hub, because when people are searching, that's where they're going. Okay, it's not rocket science. It's google.

Cool. That's default. So again, that would be that for today. I'll get off my soapbox on that one, but yeah, look forward to, uh, i'll be it's called ultimate self doors playbook that i'll be marketing. And part of that is the scope of my business course.

I've put a lot put a lot of cool things into this in this, uh, playbook that's coming out, so yeah, look out for that, guys. Alright again.

If you haven't already go to three mile challenge dot com. Uh, you can register for the challenge that's coming up next week. It's gonna be three days, starts at 11 o'clock eastern standard time. Or go for a least two or three hours kind of each day and walking through a mindset. Marketing moveon's money, having a little everything going on and so on. Do it as a group group setting, so it's gonna be a lot of fun. So three mile challenge dot com.

All right. Thanks so much, guys. Take care. Have a good rest of your day. See you.


Use Your Self Storage Google My Business As Your Social Media!

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