Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: Stor-Guard

This is jim ross again with another storage spotlight. It's gonna be a good one here today. I got paula swanson from store guard with me. How you doing?

I'm good. Jim. How about you? Good, good. Now, sometimes we do these vendor spotlights, and sometimes we just talk, and sometimes there's a presentation, so i'm kind of excited to see it, actually. Little presentation that you put together.

Yeah. I'm happy to do it. Thanks for the opportunity to talk about store guard. Yeah. No, this is great. It's xenon spotlight just giving opportunity. Well, like I said, kind of put the spotlight on that vendor and kind of delving more into what you guys are doing which offer little history. So well, without me blabbing on too much, that's this panda over to you and yeah, go ahead.

All right. Well, first, all kind of introduce myself. I'm paula swanson, the stores, the sales manager and director for store guard. I have been with the company since april of 2016. So i've seen a lot happened in this industry just in the short time i've been here. I know that's relatively short compared to a lot of people, but I do have an extensive background and customer service cells and design.

So i'm happy thio help with any security questions and help people design their systems. Uh, today I want to introduce our company and talk about security and automation in the self storage industry, along with a little bit about how that helps out with the days of cove. It know exactly when I heard a little bit about your company, like, all right, this is a perfect solution, a lot of what people are going through right now, so this would be good.

Definitely. Alright. So first, I want to take just a second to introduce our founder and president, john wall. Um, hey has been in the industry for a long time.

Let's see, he's got 40 years experience in the self storage industry. In that time, he has been involved with thousands of properties installed and service security and access control products from all the major players, including p. T. I dorking sentinel and digit tech.

During his time at digit tech, he developed their first keypad products. His experience with these products and their limitations led john to develop his own self storage security line and open store guard in 2011.

And john is both a innovator and inventor, so he improves on what's already out there. And when he sees a need, he creates new. So he likes toe fill the needs of the self self storage security in that manner.

Hey is the backbone of store guard and is personally involved with every employee. Thio guarantee that we offer the customers the same level of customer service that he likes. Thio. Sounds like a smart guy.

Yes, very, very smart guy. Sometimes he blows me away with how smart he is. S o what? Iss store guard.

Um, we are a self storage security company. Um, we are exclusive to the self storage industry, so we have developed our products specifically to meet their needs.

Every item that we offer is tailored to self storage. Only store guard manufacturers its own access control system to include individual door alarms, and we offer the other security systems that you see on site to like the cc tv, the office intrusion fence systems, pretty much if there's a need on it involves electron. Ics and security were able to fill it.

Okay, so, um, store guard access, control, access control is is kind of our bread and butter. It's what differentiates us. We manufacture our own line.

Um, and it is made in vancouver, washington. We also make everything to order. So the product is sent out, specifically designed and programmed for a particular customer who ordered it.

Our system will work for retrofits and new construction. Um, and we off offer. Ah, lots of different. Um, well, just a range of from the very simple to the complex, we could do a basic keypad. We can also add all sorts of stuff, like crocks, readers and our coms. Lcd displays, uh, bluetooth readers, pinhole cameras.

The sky's the limit. We even have fingerprint readers for those who want to go that complex, i'm sure. Yeah, i'm sure you're talking to people and kind of fit their needs.

Whatever they were, they could dream up. You probably got it. Yeah. If we don't got it, we could get it.

Eso our systems are also modular that that means that you could start off with a really small system like a two keypad system or even a one keypad system, which would, um, contain a copy of the software and a single to k two key pad controller and a single keypad.

And then, later on, as you develop mawr, you add buildings. You wanna add access control to the doors, you want to add another gate.

It's very easy to add on to our system. You can start really small. I believe our system start out at about $2600 um, for the equipment and the software, and then you can add at a later date. You can add a four door controller if you wanna.

If you build a building that has four doors and you want to control it, you can add elevator controllers later on. Uh, system is very modular, so it's just add more and more and more. That's really important because a lot of people they just they'll build and all this. They'll do it in phases, you know, as they're they're expanding. So that's very important to know that, yeah, it's definitely helpful.

I don't know how many how many buildings i've seen go up, and then they, of course, fill them up in no time. And then it's like, oh, well, there's there's good money to be made here. Let's build more time and time again.

You? Yes. So let's see. We do offer, like I said johnson, innovator and an inventor. So he is constantly modifying our offerings and adding new stuff.

One demand that we've seen in the industry is everybody wants a wireless keypad, especially for those retrofits where you have added, ah say, a storage facility across the street. Want to tie it in two years?

Or you just have a very difficult site that you don't want to add conduit going in between the buildings? Um, there's multiple reasons for a wireless keypad, but we didn't have one for years, and recently we finally found reliable technology to add to our system stump so we can have a keypad even a mile away with obstructions.

And as long as there's power at the gate to power, it were able to send the signal wirelessly back to the controller. Where were you guys two years ago? I needed this for a couple of sight.

Perfect, actually. E no. Actually, i've been we've been discussing it for a couple of years because there is such a need in the industry.

Uh, there's a multiple circumstances I could think where that would be very, very helpful. Yeah, so we also recently modified are medium sized keypad housing.

We've offered a pinhole camera in the keypad for many, many years, but all of our medium size keypads also had the cutouts for intercoms. And, um so you basically, if you wanted a keypad with the camera you had to have an intercom to and now just a modification were now offering it without that without the cutouts for the intercom, such just the keypad in the camera.

So it's constantly changing to meet the needs of the industry. That's great and automation. Eso keep heads and controllers air great, but they're on leah's good as a software that controls them.

Ah, store guard offers access plus software to control our equipment. The system is stand alone or it can interface with management softwares. It can be installed on a windows based computer on site connected through the internet to computer off site or subscribe to our cloud based service.

We currently interface with web self storage center shift site link storage. Damico, easy storage solutions face control sarah soft and storage commander. It is really easy for us to create an interface with new management softwares, so we are continually adding to our interface collection.

Got it covered? Yeah, what was that? About 99% of all the stores offers out there. So that's a yeah, and it is really easy for us to interface. So if there's ever need to go to a different one, it usually takes us a couple of weeks to get an interface done.

That's so yeah, around time. Yeah, it's really easy. Eso even if our customers don't have a management software, uh, the access plus software allows allows them to do everything that they need, except for the marketing and the accounting.

So if they want to manually add and take away customers, mark them as current, allow them access to salau them everything that you need to actually control the gate so that when the customer pulls up, if their code is valid, it opens the gate.

Everything can be done manually in our software as well. So I have seen a few customers do that. They're usually rule sites that have ah limited number of units, but they don't want to pay for the management software because they managed to stay at at a comfortable, comfortable, full level even without it.

So so it. It's nice that our system is stand alone, but it interfaces really well for that instant. The connection. When you have the management softwares, you fit the needs.

That's what matters. Yes, definitely. And another thing that I want to mention to is that on our software yet again, it's not so important if you have a management software. But even on our basic software, you do have a manager's app, which eso you can connect your smartphone to the system using port forward and for that secure connection and do everything on your smartphone that you would do at the site in front of your computer.

Yeah, so it's it's really easy if you have a customer call you up in their locked out, and it's just you haven't updated your system yet.

It's really easy to simply trigger the gate from your phone. Oh, wow. Okay, again. Another meat. I could use that for us.

I'm thinking of right now i've been a good solution. Yeah, yeah, so it's it's really versatile. And now the cove it question, yes. So how does this all tie in with cove? It? That's the question.

The self storage industry has been seeking automation for a long time. More security is needed than just a fence and a gate that somebody opens for business hours. We all know that we have been meeting this need for years.

Now people are avoiding contact with each other because of this horrible virus that's spreading. This makes the need even greater. It is no longer required or desired to meet in person to sign contracts.

This can all be done online. Whether you have the ease of an interface with the management software are just using our software. All of the info can be entered remotely.

Gate access could be granted and units assigned contact lists, rentals and automation are achieved. This will continue to last even after the pandemic. So you're you're not only addressing the the contact list rentals, but you're also doing something for your facility. In the long term, i've said more and more people that are going through this right now I hate to say you that's there for a reason, but just the fact that they're putting some of these things in place.

There's so much better off in the long run knowing that it's being done and being taken care of. So, yeah, the fact that you could do this without contact is that's huge.

Yeah. Yeah. And you know, there's even the contact lists. Um, come to think of it, too. There's also the problem of a lot of people don't want to touch the keypad nowadays.

Yeah, exactly. And we do offer bluetooth readers as well so your customer can use their own phone to get into the facility. Yeah. Yep. They pull up the app and push the button.

And with that, the self storage owner also gets to purchase credentials and then mark them up and sell them to their customers. So so it's ah, nice little revenue stream.

I'm gonna say you just got the attention of some owners that you heard about revenue streams, so yeah. Yeah, always a good one. So additional security access control is, of course, one major component.

Um, I would say that access control is just as important is putting up the fence and put putting up good lighting. But you also wanna have things like an office intrusion system, maybe a fence system and cctv eso, the office intrusion and the fence systems both just help as they alert you when there's an issue. If you're having a monitored, they can call the police department.

Um, but the cc tv is also a big one, and I would say, after access control, cctv is the next biggest. It's a passive form of security, but the cc tv will give you the evidence that you need that police can actually track down. Who's doing these?

Who's robbing your site? Uh, any. It also lets you see any, uh, bad customers who are vandalizing or just not not doing what they're supposed to be doing. I know that a lot of break ins at facilities will happen when somebody actually rents a unit, and then while they're on site because they have access now through the gate, they will be casing out other other units and the break in while they're in there. And if you don't have a camera system, excuse me.

Thio, tell you who that iss how are you going to act on it, and and how are you going to prosecute anybody? So the whole point when it comes to if you're providing the service in self storage, people are trusting you with all of their items, all their prized possessions. They're trusting you to store it at your facility, do what's right, and I have the right security when it comes to the gate software. When it comes to the security cameras you're having, you can't possibly make sure their stuff is secure.

Something does happen, which it will. It's just a matter of when. Yeah, matter of when it really is carol security places, but then have those backups so you can figure out what is going on. You get to the bottom of it, definitely. And one place that's absolutely crucial to put a camera is cover your gate, cover your gate with the camera. You're you're not only probably gonna catch like license plates and vehicle makes and models, but most importantly, it's not a matter of when your gate is going to get hit.

I mean, it's not a matter of if your gate is going to get hit. It's a matter of when eso you want to be able to see who hit your gate? Who is responsible for that damage?

Eso that's just one of the vital spots. Um, at store guard, one of the services that I offer personally, it's part of my design background is we? We do layouts for security planning.

And if you have a new facility or if you just want to do a retrofit and had some cameras and security, and you want a consul to of, um, what we would recommend and where you would put it, I am more than happy to lay that out for you. If it's just a quick consultation, we don't even charge anything for it. So we're happy. Teoh tell you what we would recommend and give you a quote for it.

That's fantastic. Yeah, definitely so. And and one other thing about cctv is obviously, we don't manufacturer on. There's plenty of manufacturers out there for cctv, but we do sell hike vision product there. An industry leader, I forget the percentage of the market, I think a few years back it was like 24% of the market was covered by hike vision and one brand or another, they white label a bunch of different brands.

Yeah, so that's the product that we that we provide. Our cctv comes with a three year warranty. Are keypads come with a five year warranty? And the rest of our equipment comes with a one year warranty also.

So we really believe in our product. All of this stuff that we sell. Fantastic. So why store guard? This is where I get to brag about store guard eso to start with. We have the best tech support in the industry.

I know some of our competitors. It's a matter of if you have a problem, you simply send them an email. You get you get onto a ticketing system, you patiently wait and hope that they get back to you quickly.

Um, hope being a big word there. Eso with with our tech support, we're open monday through friday from eight am till 4 30 pm pacific time. That is when most of our tech support is offered. It is a live person.

If you don't get to talk to them immediately, our receptionist will take your information, and they will call back as soon as they're off the phone and help you out. We do have a couple of people who could do tech support.

So so we usually don't run into too much of a backlog. Now if you have an emergency, um, like you say, it's saturday morning and your customer just called you and said, oh, the gates not opening.

And you tried to manually open the gate using our software. Um, manually, meaning that you went pushed a button on your cell phone.

Uh, and it still doesn't open. Then obviously, there's an issue. We do have emergency text support seven days a week.

What happens is you call into our number or i'll see email. Are our tech support? Um, I would say call in our main number because I can't remember the email for tech support right now.

But anyway, if there is nobody in the office, you will get an answering service. They will send that information directly to the boss, and somebody will call you that shortly.

Eso were able to even offer tech support on the weekend, and we also don't need to rely on you to tell us. Well, i'm looking at the screen and this is up in the corner, and this is what it says.

I'm not the most techie person in the world, and I hate doing that with tech support. Um, what we do is we use a program called team viewer, which allows it's built right into our software.

It allows us to remote into your system and take a look at what's going on. I am told, the vast majority of the time we can tell exactly what's going on and even fix it the majority of the time.

If it's ah problem that encounters in the software because of, say, a loose wire were able to tell you that that is the most likely cause and even tell you which keep had connections to check. So it's ah, it really saves a lot of time on your technicians. Your your maintenance guys schedule as we're able thio fix or at least direct you in tow out of fix most of the problems.

That's great again. Bottom line is communication. There's not the worst of like and put it, put it up for a submit, a request for tech support, and you just kind of sit there and cross your fingers and hope you get a reply back. It was like that. That's the worst feeling in the world. So no, as long as you guys, you have great communication.

That's that's number one, as far as i'm concerned. Yeah, yeah, we really like to take care of our customers and we try and call back within one business days for even just new new customers. Anybody looking for information?

We try and do quotes in a reasonable amount of time. Like you said, communication. It's the number one thing and customer support. No, that's great.

Everyone says up, sometimes they don't they don't follow through. And it sounds like you guys. That's the cornerstone for you guys. So that's that's great.

Yeah, we try thio. I mean, everybody misses something once in a while, but we definitely try thio and we apologize profusely. If we noticed that we missed calling somebody, uh, good has gotten systems in place. That's fantastic.

Definitely so, yeah, the best tech support in the industry. We also have that 40 years experience behind john wall. Um I mean, that guy is just amazing.

Um, and he's been through everything. He has seen every problem that this industry has to offer. And he survived it. He's figured out the solutions on dso everything security related. He is just on top of it.

If you ever get a chance that the vegas trade shows the I s s or the s s a he's a great guy to come and talk. Thio were always there when they have live shows.

Hopefully next year. Yeah, yes, yes, definitely. Um, so, yeah, he's just, uh definitely ah, wonderful resource in the industry.

And eso he trained me. And then, of course, i've gotten a lot of info from other sources to, but he takes a real interest in, is involved in the daily activities of the companies. So so we have that backbone behind us, and then everybody else, of course, brings their own experience to the table. And it's just ah, we offer solutions, uh, using all of that.

I'm like you guys got a great team over there. Yeah, we dio were relatively small, but wow, it is just jam packed with good people. Eso yeah, we also manufacturer security solutions just for the self storage industry. So we're not wasting our efforts trying to figure out office buildings are rv parks or any of those other things that keypads and access controller typically used for. It's all about the self storage industry, for like when people just have a that's the knicks. That's what you know.

Focus on that. That's where you get the best service. Definitely. Yeah. Aside from that, our mission is just to provide the best a self storage security solutions again. Since we're very industry specific, we get to focus on that, and we want thio.

We want to offer our customers the best that's out there. But being the best that's out there is not necessarily the newest stuff on the market, either. I just wanted to touch on that.

It's the stuff that's been tried and true and then than with john being an innovator. He kind of picks these little things that will help but but still really mesh well with the existing product to yeah, a lot of times it's not.

You don't need to fix it. It's not broken, but you can. You know what I mean? You could put the new things that's on it and kind of keep evolving.

Uh, like you talked about the key pads and things like that, that's that's fantastic. Yeah, definitely. So, yeah, that's pretty much the end of my presentation, but we can talk about whatever questions you have. If anybody ever wants to contact us so they can call us, we have ah, are number down in vancouver. It's 2532208759 you can reach the entire sales department at cells at stored ashqar dot com, or check us out on our website at www dot s t o r dash g u a r d dot com eso did you have any questions on our product? Er, you know, i'm just thinking, you know, especially people who are watching this and listening to this process something's going through. Your mind is maybe they're doing a retrofit or the brand new site got it on their reaching out to you and they get the plan. They kind of figure it all out.

How is the install process? Look, eso are installed. Process depends on where you're at. We dio we have multiple dealers throughout the country.

We are constantly expanding that dealer network. Um, how it expands is basically our our system could be installed by any electrician's. It's pretty simplistic, and we offer our customers and their contractors free tech support throughout the entire set up process.

Eso in most parts of the country of the customer buys a system from us. It will. They will receive it already pre programmed with instructions on how to install it.

And then there electrician's will run their wires, make the connections and such. And, um, we will guide them through that process, um, and help out with any tech support that they need.

If they happen to be in washington, we still have technicians. Um, we used to install a lot of product ourselves. We still have technicians in washington state, not washington, d. C, but washington state. So if you're in washington state, especially western washington, and you want the manufacturer to install it, we can still do that.

We also have ah number of dealers inside washington state to that are very familiar with our products. So depending on where you're at, we can either recommend a dealer for you, install it ourselves, or we will try and assist customers to find a competent electrician's in their area. If they ask good. Good. Yeah. I think that's pre programmed. Perfect. You know, an electrician's?

Yeah. Connect somewheres. You're good to go, e. Oh, that's fantastic. I just wanted that because i've had that a few times when i've done some things and that's been installed. Process was kind of a hiccup, but it sounds like you guys have connections throughout, and they can help.

Anybody needs the service. That's great. Yep. Ever growing. Yeah. So no good. Thanks again for taking the time and being on here. We'll make sure this gets posted everywhere. We've got your contact information again. Thanks so much for taking time and being on the vendor spotlight.

Alright. Thanks, jim. All right, take care. You too. Yeah, okay.



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