Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: Memtech

Hi, everyone, this is jim ross. We're gonna be doing a vendor spotlight today. These air these air fun to dio I got lynn boucher with me.

She's with the self storage seal division of memtech inc. How's it going, lynn? Very well, thank you, jim. How about yourself?

Good, good. These air fun. That's it's kind of nice having actually ah, product to see a lot of time to do, like, services and things like that.

But this is it's kind of fun, actually. Have ah product demo here. So anyway, let's just coming about memtec and we'll go from there.

Well, member tax been around for since the early eighties. Our boss was seeing a need as an engineer for brush solutions and being a mechanical engineer, he was developing different solutions and decided that it was a worthwhile venture to start non tech inc so we've been doing this. Like I said, since the early eighties, i've been with memtec 5. 5 years selling the brush and now running the division of self storage seals.

So I found it very enjoyable beating with the people and working with the different applications. And it's just gone from there. Started the division for self storage.

Oh, good. Well, welcome to the storage club. We're all we're a little tight knit group in little family, so it's kind of fun when she kind of get into the storage industries like you start to realizing it's it's like two degrees of separation.

Everyone kind of knows everybody, and it's kind of fun. The show's air fun, too. I mean, meeting everybody and everything. It's just it's very enjoyable.

Yeah, that's when once we start getting shows back in the meantime, hey, we're doing this. So the next best thing, so, yeah, I mean, kind of consider this, like, trade show booth kind of a thing. So, yeah, I kind of let's walk us through and see what?

What you have going on here. Well, people are finding that they're getting a lot of different. Um, past dust dirt snow rain in their units, and it's damaging their, um, tenants property.

So in order to do that, to stop some of that I mean granted, we can't totally stopped ringing because of all the little bristles, but we can help deter it from the units.

Um, the bonus part of the seals is that you don't need to have tenants permission or access. You can always install right on the outside of the door, so the brush goes on the outside on the top sides and at the bottom.

Now it's easy, um, to install, depending on what you're installing into some materials or media's air harder to install into than others.

But mostly it's just a self tapping screw going right through the aluminum extrusion, which I have one here. This'll is a straight one for the top. For the sides, we recommend the angle bracket 45 degree angle, and then we have different brush lengths that we could use. This is a one inch have a 1. 5, just dropped by two inch in a three inch.

I'm finding ah, lot of times the three inch seems to work better because it gives less resistance on the doors. So when you can get a get it out further, it gets away from there and the stiffness is up against the channel so that if you can get to the softer part, it gives a lot less resistance on the door so anybody could open the door.

If if the doors open a ball with one finger, it allows you to still do that. Um, if you put too short of a brush on there and it gives resistance, and it just makes it a little bit harder open now on the sides, we recommend having it on an angle, so it'll lay better to fill in the grooves. Give it a much nicer fill into the grooves on the top for the straight so that it will make this up for you so that it will flop back and forth and run properly when you're working in the door.

Now, to find out what size you need to take your handy tape measure and go from the frame into the deepest core a gatien and get from the edge of the frame to there for both the sides and the top on the top. You want to make sure that you're getting in the deepest groove just to make sure that if the door ever offset, you're still getting a seal, regardless of how the door is sitting.

If you get it on the high part of the core a gatien and then the door offsets you're gonna still have that three quarter inch or whatever gap, because it's sitting now in the group.

So you want to make sure you get and also at the center off the door for the tops because they take on a little bit of a bow in the center. So you want to make sure that you're getting the deepest corrugated, your deepest area so that we get the proper seal for you.

Gotcha! That makes sense. And then going back when you first said, you don't have to worry about getting tenant access. Oh, it is because you know you're tryingto schedule your maintenance people and your tenants at the same time can be very difficult. They might be jumping from, you know, one spot of the facility to another just to accommodate the tenants.

This way, you don't have to worry about that and this does block dust, dirt, snow again the past bugs three or trees, birds, you know, and leaves from getting into the units and stuff.

It helps you save on climate control if your climate controlling and finding that the different things are starting to wear. So you're getting gaps there. If you can see light in their air is getting in there.

So that will help with your climate control as well. Yeah, that's that's i'm not just think about the properties I run. E makes total sense, especially from like from the outside entrance is when you get into the temperature controlled buildings.

Yeah, but aaron as much as possible. So I would be a solution. Exactly. And we do man doors as well. So if it's a climate controlled building where you have man door entry, you could be getting arab infiltration from the bottoms is well, so we do man doors to no.

Yeah. Okay, now, just talk. I'm not actually going through my roller, dex of sites, i'm like, okay, there's actually there's a few that I know for a fact that they're probably not sealed. Very good.

So that's perfect. Especially like and again probably applies a different situations, but I would imagine, like in the colder areas as well get snow and stuff like that is a perfect solution.

Well, yes, it helps deter the snow from getting in and such. So the other thing is, with, um, like in florida, it helps with some of the heat controlling and they get a lot of rain. Of course, because of the hurricanes and stuff. Now it's not gonna stop them all. But it can help.

Definitely help deter all that stuff from happening to their tenants. Now, granted, we can't control hurricanes, you know that. But it can definitely help.

And then nice thing is is it could also give you a value. Add since you have, you are keeping your dust and bugs and things out.

Rodents. All of that cutting can be done on site. Um, so if it's a 7 ft tall, are materialism, even numbers six eights tens and 12.

So if you have a seven footer, for example, you can easily cut the material on site. Um, if you're ordering your material, everything is sent in extrusion and brush separate.

That way it's safer for the material and transit, and you can cut. It's easier if it's not installed to cut it down to size god. So for a bracket you would use like a miter saw hacksaw, even a rotary cutting tool and then for the brushes, you'd want to use something similar to electrical dykes or bolt cutters.

That way, it'll keep a natural crimp at the end, and the bristles will stay put. You always wanna have this brush crimped at the ends, right? Not not. Imagine, obviously, when you order it has a nice instructions that come with it.

Taken easily. Follow along on someone like me could actually we have a we do have a youtube out there that's better than any written instructions because he lays all the material out and he shows the measuring, the cutting, different ways to cut it, different screws to use and things of that nature again. You don't have to pre drill anything, and nothing comes with holes already drilled in them, because everybody's configuration could be different s oh, yeah, and again the materials of stockton 68 10 and 12. So if you have a really large door, we try to configure it to the best footage for the least amount.

If no waste eso. If you have a 14 ft door, I would do a six and an eight just to help prevent any waste. Gotcha. Now imagine those people are going through it and they're seeing what their needs are.

They can reach out to kind of get a consultation and making sure that they get the right fit. Definitely. Just tell me how many units at each size openings.

And I would be more than happy to work that all up for them and tell them, you know, I lay it out, tops sides, bottoms. They don't have to buy all four sides.

Even if I work it up that way, i'm happy to do just tops or just sides or bottoms or tops and sides. Any combination? Um, our pricing is based on volume, so of course you wanna get him quoted at one time.

We have 18 months to buy the whole quote in order to keep that pricing valid for the discount. Um, if they mentioned this video, I could do one unit free of charge.

Just give me your dimensions and the gap sizes and we'll be happy to do that is our show special? Sweet. Thank you. Perfect. I can do that at any time.

Contact me. Um, I do have a direct line, so if they want that, I can offer that as well. No sleep right here where you kind of contact information. Go ahead and put it right now.

Okay. My direct line is 734 7386321 our main line for the offices. 7344558550 just ask for me, um and then or you could email me at lynn at memtec brush dot com.

Nice. And then this one before we let you go, I want to go back because I always have, like, my operational hat on and, you know, talking with owners.

And I know you know, for a fact that probably owners, if they get someone complaining of, you know, there's there's dust in my unit and things like that.

Like they could probably just kind of whatever we'll get to it later on. But you hit on about having it is a value. Add. That's huge.

I mean, this is one thing that you could actually talk about as you're selling the units is before you even renting you. That's saying we have these kind of systems in place to help make sure there's not your stuff. Stays say clean because, yeah, that's something that the guy down the street, they're not saying.

I can guarantee you that. So that's a great way toe approach it to get, you know, higher prices for your units. Better bang for their buck.

Yeah. No, exactly. So I just I want to get that out there because people kind of start justifying. You know how there can actually make more money off of something like this is not just prevented it that's actually value. Add right.

And if i'm not mistaking now, i'm not in the business myself of us owning myself storage facility, but upgrades air right off a ble if i'm not mistaken.

Yeah, there's a whole so aspect of it, but i'll leave that to the tax man. Yeah, that's what I mean, though, is it could possibly be something that you could use as a write off. A swell is your value. Add. Yeah, a win win.

That's fantastic. Well, before I let you go. Is there anything else you want to make sure we the listeners could get from? Um I just that we do have that youtube video out on joe daddy's garage.

Um, okay, um and then we are reachable at self storage seals dot com memtec inc dot com or memtec brush dot com. And, um, you can find us on linkedin, um, youtube, twitter, instagram, facebook, your everywhere.

We're trying. We're trying. That's fantastic. Well, thanks for taking the time being on here and be able to do this because again, this is kind of like a virtual trade show. Booth ableto demonstrated like this. This is great. So thank you so much for being on.

No problem. We will also be at the I s show if it ever happens. Uh huh. It will. Thanks so much, lin. Take care.

Thanks, jim. You too. Bye bye.

Memtech brush door seal is the most effective and longest-lasting door seal available. Brush door seals will keep the heat in and the critters out. Securing any area with a brush seal is the only way to seal uneven surfaces. Our weatherstripping is a seal you can depend on to get the job done.

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