Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: CJ- On The Move

This is jim ross. We're doing another edition of the self storage vendor spotlight today. Got cj on the move. How's it going?

Going. Great. How are you? Good. Thanks for taking the time and doing a vendor spotlight here with us. Thanks for having us. I'm here.

Yeah. Gotta do something. Kind of treating us like a vendor, booth, since we don't have the in person vendor booths. Hey, this is the next best thing. So exactly giving a shot s oh, yeah. I just kind of jumping into it, if you don't mind. Kind of give us a little history of on the move, which is I don't I think it's pretty cool. I don't know about it till we talked about it earlier. So I want people to kind of get a little history of on the move, and we'll get into it.

Absolutely well. We have a pretty interesting history. We're family owned and operated. My grandpa actually started in the storage industry in the seventies, and so he built his first storage facility in about 1978.

I think i'm pretty sure that was it, but and he had it for lots of years. He had different rental truck programs at his facility, and he never really got it exactly how he wanted it. He wanted a truck designated to his facility for local moves so that he would always have his truck there because he had a lot of commercial runners and so they would use his truck besides just moving into the facility.

And sometimes they wouldn't be there when he needed it to be there for them, and they would get mad at him and that the truck rental company and so he had some issues with that. He's like, made him look like he had bad customer service. And he he didn't like that.

So he wanted a truck designated to him, and he also told them he wanted his logo on the door of the truck and have a designated to him, and it didn't happen.

So he he has a history he worked with. He retired actually from ford with new product development, so he created a lot of designs for ford vehicles, and so he had an idea of what he wanted the truck tow look like for the storage industry and he didn't want he wanted very specific things for the high clearance and turning radius to make it easier. So his beautiful facility wasn't hit, you know, with truck runners.

So he he spent some time on the design of our box and then that kind of thing. But he created, um, on the move from just the need that his own storage facility so he wanted a truck. Doesn't have to him just for local moves.

He wanted, um well, not just a local on the door. He realized you get a box now, so he did the custom wrapped advertise his storage facility.

And, of course, the most difficult part with you know, handing over keys to strangers is insurance. And i'm having the correct insurance and liability coverage for protecting his himself and his facility. And so he worked with a couple of carriers and came up with our program, our insurance license program, with $5 million for the liability to protect his facility and him and and then the common collision for the truck and that kind of thing. So it came up to being a complete truck rental program that he came up with and saw the need in the facility or in the storage industry. And that's all we started.

That's so cool. It's that's always the best kind of products and services that is one of people like it, scratch their own itch, you know?

You know, it is basically what it is that some of the best products come from that. So that's I want to give people a little history on that because yeah, exactly. I mean, we were we definitely, you know, he had a hurt from the as a storage operator and and found the thunder fix. And so it definitely I think the first year they sold my my parents sold six trucks, and then the next year it was 60 and grew pretty pretty fast then.

Obviously, it's definitely growing some sun, but we've it was definitely a need. And eso on the move started 1992. So right.

It wasn't in the seventies, but it was no fairly recent. So no, I mean, it's it's a great product. I mean, I was kind of look at it as you know, the operator kind of point of view and how to stand out from your competition and just having that customer centric focus focus of helping them in any way, you know.

And so it fits that bill. Um, so a. It is the same concept of, you know, customer service is definitely having products there for them. I mean, that's what what we dio, you know, we have the storage facility we want to make sure we have locks is and I think trucks is another obvious fit for the storage industry.

Well, exactly, I mean, especially if someone like shopping around, they're going on. Websites were kind of looking a different features and benefits of different sites.

I know some of them just flat out says we have a truck for e. That's that seems like a no brainer to stand out from everybody. At least get that phone call to get that rental in the first place and getting the conversation started, i'd be blasted that everywhere if I had a truck, you know, service on my e even used to answer our phones were our facility was called all about storage here in texas and was eso i'd be all about storage. How, mother free truck.

You know, I mean, we definitely put that on blast. What? I mean, I would be that would be there. It's called a unique selling proposition, but that that would be totally it. I would be blasting that everywhere.

So yeah, and I mean, even our managers, they tell us, are you know, my customers now they tell us that they drive their trucks everywhere, like when they if they have a bank run or to pick up supplies. I guess you know when they can find toilet paper, I guess, to pick up now. But they drive their trucks of walmart everywhere. Toe well, it's a moving billboard.

That's what it is. It za moving billboard. So, e, I guess you park it out front. You know that kind of thing to get attention as well, when it's not in use?

Oh, absolutely. I've seen that a number of times driving around. I'm like there's a lot of movement, you know? I could recognize him now because i've seen him enough.

Uh, but it's it's definitely an eye catcher to for for again people that are in the storage industry. No, it definitely isn't. And I know we've now we're even telling our customers to put the qr code on their truck because now the qr code seem to be back at restaurants. So people are used to that. You know, when you drive by and you see the truck real quick, they could take a picture of the u r code and be able to book a rental. And, um, get your business that way, too. So we've heard some great success stories with that as well. And, um, I know I had a customer that was in, um that they put they actually had a spot on sunset boulevard just to park their truck just for advertisement purposes. Really, it was cheaper than getting a billboard out there.

Totally. Oh, exactly. I've priced that before. It's it's insane. I've done the same thing, actually, had some experiencing on the move at a site in texas, and that's what we did.

We kind of drove it around and parked at a certain place or something, you know, sometimes. And that's how we got extra reynolds. Its's a good attention getter.

I was looking at your website, which looks great, by the way, and so you guys kind of operated the site. It looks awesome, uh, people to kind of get an idea of what we're talking about, kind of see the visuals of the different ways that people are advertising their storage business on the trucks. It's look, you gotta see it that way.

Yeah, one of the things that we see a lot is read with me. Use this truck for free that they'll put even on their truck, and so that I mean, they don't have toe. I mean, with us, it's their own program. We set it up because we as a storage operator, we understand you want to run your own business.

And so, um, with with on the move truck, it's their truck and they can charge. If they want, they can run it out for free. Whatever is up for, it's a completely up to the storage operator, which is, I think it's cool, and we don't take any commissions off any other truck.

Reynolds. So I don't know many marketing tools where you could actually make money off of it and have an asset from it, too. So it's a revenue generating marketing source, so that's exactly what it is. I'm gonna have to write that down and use that marketing.

Everything always begins and ends with marketing. To me, it's always start with marketing. Everything else kind of falls after that. This is like a perfect marketing source, uh, kind of walk me through a little bit. So people that air, you know, i'm an honor.

Wanna look it get in the truck going how does that kind of process work? Well, you just reach out to us, and what we do is we help you pick up the truck.

We have a couple of different models that you can choose from eso we help because we have our our sleek, aerodynamic look that that my grandpa designed. But we also have just the regular workhorse box truck as well with addict.

And then we have a couple of we have either, like e 3 50 or a transit aristotle just depending on, um, the different look that you guys like, and so we could help you pick up the truck, and then the z, that's the easy part.

And then the fun part is coming up with the graphics. So we have you fill out like a little worksheet about you know your logo and you know some stuff that you offer at your storage facility that we send it to our designer.

They mocked up a couple designs and then we go through the design process with with you guys or some people actually have a designer or have their own design in mind, and we can create that from scratch as well. So we try to make it as easy as possible.

We even have well, and once we give you the truck, we even put a hand truck and furniture pads in the truck so that it's ready to go from I mean, just something simple, but we make it as simple as we can for for them. And we also even have the truck rental agreement forms ready. So that way, you don't really have to think about anything. We, um we have all the legal.

We've taken care of all the legalese and all the the paperwork. We even sent posters for you to hang up at your facility and advertise that you have a truck so good you have it, you advertise it and thats zur number one source for this kind of stuff and again, speaking from experience, it's it's a great way to stand out.

And just again, if you have it, yes, and this is my favorite time of year. Yeah, this my favorite time of year with being christmas and i'll see my customers. They'll be decorating their trucks and having them, and like their community parades on getting it out, there is always fun to see. And then a lot of you know, it seems like everybody works with different, um, community events and, you know, supports their community. And they'll be donating the trucks, usage to toys for tots and those kind of programs as well and and like, load up the truck. And so there's a lot of fun things that they can do with their truck, too. Have community goodwill is well, yeah, I mean, that's part of this process to is they're getting trucks and getting the logos, and that you got to come and put your marketing cap on and see how you can actually utilize it. And you've probably seen there have been there, done that, know what people are utilizing it for, and can I have a little session with them and talk to them about how they can actually utilize it to the best of their ability for that site.

Oh, yes, we definitely. We definitely share with our customers with the different ideas that we hear. We even do like a quarterly magazine that we feature our customers in and and tell how they're doing. So that way we could share tips. I mean, we're were we all, you know, we're kind of competitors, but we work together. I mean, we all are.

The essay shows giving ideas and and whatnot, which is cool about our industry. So your podcast. Oh, yeah. And then we're yeah, we're we are launching our new podcast. I'm sorry. I'm a little side of market because i'm on it. So but we definitely have some cool people that have worked with me on being on the podcast as well. And i'm excited to show them off.

It's great. You gotta we have a good product. You gotta be loud about it. And that's what you're doing right now. And, you know, giving us the vendor spotlight. So this is awesome.

Yeah, I definitely appreciate this thinking outside the box. You know, we definitely missed our customers and and and seeing people at the shows. It's definitely been lonely this year.

I know I missed the shows that you're walking and you could obviously you walk and go there is on the move because you got the big truck e. Yes, we definitely have the easiest booth to set up.

Yep, drive it and you're done. Just drive it in. We can have our suitcases in there and and just load it on. Perfect. So, people, I mean definitely want to go to the website. You can see the visuals, everything we're talking about here.

What's the best way for people to get more information to get a hold of you? Absolutely. The best way is toe. Go ahead and check out our website. It's on the move trucks dot com and trucks with plural.

I talked too fast, so people never get that us. But on ben, we also you could you could give us a call at 806 459949 or shoot me an email at info at on the move trucks dot com and i'd be happy toe, send more pictures and show some case studies and tell you how our customers are utilizing their trucks.

You have case studies? Perfect. Always told everyone to get more case studies. That sounds like the perfect tool. That is. Yeah, that's awesome.

Yes, we definitely like thio like to share our customers successes, and they're definitely willing. Toe toe. Tell us ours. And our latest magazine. It was pretty cool.

Um ah. Lady wanted to run a truck at a storage facility, and then a love story happened. They ended up the owner ended up marrying the lady. That was so even if it was up, you know, a tool for that, but matchmaker story.

Oh, my gosh. You know. Oh, that's all right. That's perfect person to sell it. That's awesome.

Oh, cool. Thanks so much for taking time, cj. Yes, thank you. All right. I look forward to seeing you guys on the round tables and thank you for all you dio. Alright, thanks so much.

See you next time. Take care

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