Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: Call Potential

Hi everyone this is jim ross. To do another vendor spotlight. Today it's one a good one we've had called potential on before, and it's it's always gonna have ah, focus like this. So I got peter speaking eagle from call potential.

How's it going? Good, good, good. You guys are going crazy. Busy, busy, busy. Yeah, it's good. We got a lot of great things that's going on. And, you know, we're just trying to finish out the year here, but staying busy.

Good. Well, reason for these vendor spotlights is I want to give people a platform to kind of talk more about the service and what I can offer to people that may have not heard of it.

I think everyone sort of called potential by now, but hopefully, yeah, but just in case. I wanna give people that that those solutions of kind of what they're looking forward, what you guys provide so we don't mind is kind of give us a little overview.

We'll go from there. Yeah, and we really appreciate the opportunity to kind of let you know about our products and services. We really try to design our products from an owner operator perspective.

The owner of call potential, he owns and manages around 17 properties in chicago. I operate 10 properties in three states. I've operated over 90 properties over my career, and we really try to create technology from that owners perspective and hopefully solve a lot of problems that, you know, as owners we face.

And we would really like tech that drives top line as opposed to just check. That's kind of cool. And it's it's a little bit different when you when you go into the development side, but just kind of high level of what we we offer.

I we have a few different type of products that we sell, but one of things we always get confused with is that we're a third party call center. Uh, that is something that we don't dio so we don't answer anyone's calls.

We don't provide any warm bodies. But if you ever want to do your own internal call center, whether that's a decentralizing where you're using your existing managers to answer on behalf of all your locations.

Or if you have centralized, uh, approach, you'd be ableto have, like a handful of agents that worked in one office and we would sell you the software teoh be able to run that and that runs in conjunction with our serum. So if you're familiar with, like salesforce or a hub spot, we've designed a customer relations management tool, or crm, for the self storage industry that's specific to kind of our sales cycle, how we follow up because it's a little bit different than like a salesforce salesforce. Typically, you have a very long sales cycle.

Uh, you know, self storage is kind of more short, so those are our kind of our core, uh, products that we sell. We also have ah, a couple of the ones where you know, if you wanna automate your texting email robo calling for your delinquencies, we provide that as well.

So really, our our goal as a company, if I kind of sum everything up is we really wanna be the communication software that you use to communicate with your customers?

Potential customers passed to customers and also manage your staff with technology operational controls to make sure they're doing the jobs that you actually wanted the them to dio actually making those follow up calls toe leads and making those follow up or collection calls to your past to we do have some controls in place that automate that so you can sleep at your your managers. They're doing what you're asking them to do. Well, exactly the people that you know follow my content or heard me talk over the years I always talk about give the tools you can to that managers to help them to succeed.

Absolute. This is, you know, it makes life a lot easier once you get it kind of plugged in and using it. That's the whole key is actually utilizing it because you could do a lot, absolutely and potential.

And also, I mean, it's it's about taking the task from a supervisor or owner perspective away to try toe, remove that time consuming thing where you're just constantly watching your managers checking up on following up, and it's just a time suck on you. And if we believe of technology, can replace a lot of that on did get more efficient with it.

That's a really good use of technology and the same thing when you're dealing with tasks that need to be automated. If a system can send out those reminders, send out follow ups or come up with a really good marketing email drip campaign that make sure that those actually go out and you're not relying on a human interaction hit process, um, it gives you comfort to know that these things are actually happening.

And you know the same thing with, like, the collections of somebody's past thio. If they're calling in, would I rather have my manager answer a call from the current 10 whose past thio and just type in the credit card process it, which could take 2 to 5 minutes out of phone call?

Or would I rather have them answer a call that is looking for storage? I'd rather have them answered that call than the payment one. Let us system handle processing payments.

You can have a pay by phone system that they just type in their card right to the pay by phone, computer and on the over the phone and process it and it's done, and you don't have to have any human interaction for that.

So I like taking technology and having it as kind of the property managers assistant as opposed to a replacement. And then that's keith. I was gonna say it's not replacement. It's just kind of dovetails nicely into what they're currently doing, and it helps them be.

You said a couple of times, make them be more efficient. Absolutely, you know, let them do what they like doing, which is, hopefully you hired the right person who loves building relationships with people, which i'm a big believer in in relationships, selling. And if they're that type of individual that loves interacting with people and, you know, trying to get that type of relationship built, they will enjoy those activities mawr than hounding somebody toe to make a payment right? And it's part of the the job that most property managers don't like the most is the collection calls side of things and automated just let let reminders go out. There's two reasons why people don't make their payment.

One they forgot or two, they don't have the money. So if they don't have the money and you're calling, that's a waste of a call.

If they just forgot, why not use an automated system that, you know, reminds them and eliminates an embarrassing moment between them? And you were like s? Oh, sorry. I forgot.

You know, don't worry about it. Sent him a text email. Road home. It's done.

Oh, yeah. And again, this is coming from an operational standpoint. You're in operations. It's not just calm potentially. You're using this in your own sight?

Absolutely. And I can pretty much started nor the answer. But I bet once you kind of put those systems in place on automation, you probably better results. I would imagine from just talking about the collections.

Yeah, absolutely. So it's the collections coming through that, and and the way I look at it, we're probably than us collect. About what? We're in the club prior.

You know, most people don't want their units to goto auction, so we may be able to collect sooner with a nauta mated system. But usually the people who are gonna go to auction goto auction no matter what, you know, they they're storing with you. But again, it removes a lot of that tedious task that take up time and allow your man should just do more revenue generating tasks as opposed to, you know, just collecting cash. You know that that we're always owed, and then on the the increased side is that every event that we send out, we always ask the customer to sign up for auto pay.

And that is revenue generating activities. And the reason why I view it. As that is, if somebody signs up for auto bill pay, they typically stay about 2 to 3 months longer. They accept rate increases a lot easier on dso.

It is a not only a process in a system, but it's a revenue generating system as well that you may not realize that is actually generate more revenue for you. More auto pay is the better.

No, of course, and again, when you're during the operations and looking at that that focus on that standpoint, anteing didn't make more efficient the better absolutely right now, because with everything going on, this year.

We all know all the hours that i've talked to and people. First thing you're thinking of is what can I do to make things automated and efficient, and they're looking all their different operations and what they're doing.

Like you just said with the calls and they'll follow ups and the collections and kind of everything that the call potential does. It fits the bill. You know, not like you just have any bells and whistles just for the heck of it.

It's all there for a reason. Everything is there for for use for operations. So it's it's a perfect solution. Yeah, and we give reporting to to let you know the effectiveness of it. So I think it's important thio be ableto have the system, but also be able to analyze the data from the system. And we give you those reports, let you know exactly how much money you're collecting through the system, the channel that is the most used by your tenants on how they pay, whether it's the pay by phone, whether it's employees entered, whether it's text email, we break it all down for you and it's really, really concede e you know how your tenants are interacting. Maybe some people like text versus email, and maybe we're calling in that, you know, they don't like texture email and 11 of the fact that I thought was really interesting we were tracking the data month over month. Once the pandemic start on, you know what's happening with collections and are we seeing a increase in a ours? And one of the things that jumped out at us is the the amount of auto pay sign ups went up 42% year over year.

And and I think, you know, I was talking about of operators. I think a lot of customers and tenants were figure out which bills are gonna have to pay if they were laid off, right? And what are they gonna make sure that absolutely gets paid?

Storage is one of the biggest ones, you know. They're not canceling netflix. Cancel their disney plus all those things and so much. So they wanted to sign up for auto pay to make sure that bill gets paid, which is a good thing for our industry.

And, you know, I think we've always said that are our industry is recession proof. I think we have now seen its pandemic proof. No, that's great, e said. Everything right now it's just kind of put everything into focus. It's had operators, owners just really kind of sit down and go over their operations. You know, maybe in the past it just kind of coast. It been like, uh, it is what it is. Everything is good.

You know? I was gonna keep going. I think it kind of forced everyone's handed, really sit down and look at what they're doing and how they could make it better, how they efficient. So i'm sure you guys businesses going crazy because of that.

Yeah, it's been it's been good because we already have technology. That kind of meats kind of the market environment. Right now, we don't have to develop anything new. It's already way already developed it to be, um, kind of this contact list approach and we had ah handful of operators that we're considering doing their own internal call center prior to this, and then once they had to shut down all the stores that put it in kind of light speed for them because they realize that they still want to make sure their manager is gonna pay. Check. If we can't have the office open, we'll just have them be agents at home, answering calls, following up and maybe doing like a lock check once a day or something of the property, but were ableto have those people up and running within 30 to 45 days of them, you know, flipping the switch and they were ableto continue to operate.

And there were some that were like in the process. And the timing worked really well. So it's really interesting how you know a huge market shift can change your approach to operations.

I mean, you look even at the reads. Uh, I think most of them I think life story is the only one that had online rentals up and running prior to the pandemic. But now all the other reads, they now have it, and it forced them to kind of go quicker to get to that point. And they realize that there's a shift in the market.

And I think this is gonna be a sustainable shift that we're going to continue to see mawr that's contact less approach. Mawr online shoppers. I mean, you've got the amazon shoppers of the world there so usedto ordering everything through an app or through a website.

I think that we are then and now starting to be able to meet maura their demands. I've been offering online rental since probably 2013 because i'm a big believer in it and serving that market that doesn't want to call it doesn't want to talk to anyone, rather complete the whole task online.

And so you know, it's it's just interesting this shift in the market and how everyone changes but call potential. We have the software ready to go for most people, especially on the collection side and call center side, because if you don't have anyone working at the office, it's a really helpful thing to automate those things. You know that they're going out, and people still are hopefully in the matter, and you can soften language to in those events. So you know if, like first template, if you have a text goes out if you're issuing, are experiencing thing covert related. Please call us and we'll work out. Something with you can call soften a lot of that language within those automated, um, so you can have the customization control and tone that you really want for your organization?

No. And that's what's it's great. There's a lot of things you can customize within call potential to make things you know, make it your own. Make it the way you wanna effectively communicate. So if that's a great way of of awaken a tool to give to the owners, they can kind of customize some things.

But again, kind of going back to everything that's going on right now, especially. Owners are listening this and then watching this and you're thinking okay, I do have some pieces of the puzzle that I need to make everything work the way I wanted to kind of move forward again, reach out to you guys a call potential cause you're there to help you all. They'll talk to him.

You'll figure out what's a good piece that will what they're what they're thinking of and at least reach out to you guys. So let's end it with that. What's a good way for?

People are watching this to reach out to get more information. Uh, probably emails that would be the best you can do either sales at called potential dot com or you can email me directly.

That works, too, because I get all the emails on. That's just peter at called potential dot com. Perfect. And i've i've gone through the demo myself. Just a couple weeks ago, just how it worked it. But it was fantastic. So I heard everyone that's going through this toe reach out, gets information going through a demo and you'll be pleasantly surprised. Everything that's out there I was, quite frankly, you guys have available, so it's fantastic.

Alright, appreciate that. Thank you so much, peter. We'll see you next. Take care.

Call Potential is a game-changing suite of technology empowering storage operators to stay occupied, raise the bottom line, and unlock their maximum potential.
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