Self Storage Question: "Should I Evict or Not?"

Hi everyone. This is jim ross self storage show. Thanks for tuning in again. Uh, this episode I was just wondering what should I talked about today, and it stemmed from a conversation I had yesterday as a lot of these episodes seeking to dio and had someone reach out there asking about some, uh, evictions, you know, when should I when should I evict and like, well, you know, as most things usually are, it's kind of a case by case basis, you know, so out of here a little bit, you know the reason why justification to actually evict somebody and thankfully, in storage the laws on our side, you know, 99% of the time you have a decent contract.

You know, it's written correctly a lot of our site, you know, we can evict, but there's a lot of times when it's it's not necessary. You kind of let the progress of, uh, what's a month, a month contract?

You know, waking to simply say we're not renewing your agreement for next month, kindly move out. And so that's on our side so that that part helps alleviate a lot of situations.

This particular case. It was more of just a matter of i'm sure a lot of managers that are listening to this, that you could you could understand where this is coming from.

It's it's more a matter of, oh, my gosh, every month it's the same thing. You know? They're they're late, and I have to call them.

You act like i'm gonna collection company and have to beg them to make their payments. And they do, you know that she is at that point and most scheduled for auctions.

And every time I bring for the auction happens, end up paying, you have to start the whole process all over again. And I was just like, yeah, so welcome to storage.

You know, again, that's a number. Are they paying the fees? Well, yeah. Cool. Paying like the auction fees.

Pre lien, all that stuff. Yeah. So what's the problem? That welcome to storage. That's gonna happen.

I think a lot of times it's, you know, from andrews. Well, remember back in the day when I was a manager, same thing I have my hit list of all the collection guys. I was always ringing them up.

Sometimes you kind of take a personal, you know? Yeah, it's almost like they don't need money, you know? Yeah, you're the manager. You run your store, and that's great.

You take, take passion and take ownership of that stores. Mind cool. But they are the business money, not you personal.

And sometimes I i see that that kind of mentality of, well, taking up to personal that they owe you money. And while i'm gonna show them, get out of here.

No, we all have, and everyone can attest this. We'll have those tenants set. Hey, it's almost, like built with their budget of paying late fees.

Yeah, you're sending out letters you're sending you offer for auctions, but as long as they're paying those fees oh, cool. So what? You know, that's just that's the sexual revenue. That's his bonus, as far as i'm concerned.

So, yeah, those instances, I don't I wouldn't you bet. Okay. You think this one is much more seriously things going on and I was just sitting. I'm thinking, you know, back in my manager days and as a regional managers, well, it all has been a few things that that that come to mind when I be evicted way need to have.

We all need to have, like story time, weakness it around and just have a jam session talking about these kind of things.

There was there was a site. It's been a few years ago now, but I was, you know, a regional manager, this property. I was doing a site visit site inspection and the managers like, oh, always when moments in it.

Anyway, she's like, yeah, that this this tenants here kind of got a weird feeling that something's going down. What do you mean? What's going now? It's like I maybe should be like an nc 17 rating on this episode. But like I think she's think she's hooking.

They just took it out of the unit like oh, wonderful. Alright. So as I knew my walk through, I didn't know I didn't see anybody. There's no one there.

She must have left. I don't know god, your house. I was coming back to the office and see the car pull up right around where that unit is like all right, this is the unit and start walking towards that, you know, have my clipboard and all that.

I'm double checking locks, looking busy, you know? And she pulls up, she gets out of the car, rolls up the door.

As soon as you roll out the door, I approach her like, hey, how you doing? You know, doing a walk through, how's everything going?

All good? And she was like, like, no problems. All good. Everything's fine. How you doing? Good day.

And, you know, peaked in the unit. Yeah, it was like a hotel room in there. It was all it was all decked out. So yeah, didn't take much to make the conclusion of what was going on.

And then on the corner of my eye, I see the john in the passenger seat and the whole time sitting there, talking to this lady, I just see him in the passenger seat just going slowly.

You just kept drifting down, drifting down. I don't look at me. Don't look at me. Don't funniest thing ever.

And so I just was. I was told her like, hey, yeah, I know what you're doing here. Of course she denied. Denied denied it.

Okay, well, eviction time. Okay. Time to go. Uh, you know, talked her face to face. She looks pretty cool about it.

She left. So, yeah, in those case, cool you picked there is. Ah, lieutenant comes to mind just open this site branding.

I mean, first, worst day opened this site and so knew we were still kind of going through some inspections, quite frankly.

And it's a lot of units. Didn't have the locks on them yet because they were still, you know, the contractors to start for in and out, you know, throwing things. And that's that kind of stuff.

You get it and rented a unit. It was like a 3rd 14 rented that day. We run like, 12 years inside day, first day, but third or fourth round on reddit and seemed like the nicest girl is just yeah, very sweet run of the unit.

Anyway, that night it was about midnight. I get a call from the manager. It's just like e hate to call you, but i'm just really nervous, and I only have about 20 minutes from this, this property like what's going on? It's like there's a light under the door.

There's no lock on a unit. I just had. I think someone's living there like oh my gosh. Great way to start the great way to start the site.

Sorry, I broke down there. Mhm. Go through it again. No big deal to me and been there. Done that. 1000 times.

See the light in the door and some, you know, lock on the door. And I heard the voice inside. Um, come in like, uh, yeah, okay. Just, you know, making herself at home, obviously.

Roll out the door. Mind you, this first day i've been there for two hours. Had already had it all decked out.

She had christmas lights strung up inside at a microwave. You know, the whole whole power strip goings on, the microwave set up.

She had her lava lamp was going like, wow, you got you got this all decked out. And she was just sitting there like the queen of the castle sitting on her on her big bean bag.

My okay, uh, how you doing? Things like oh, good. You know, you can't living here, right? I said try to deny it was it was kind of funny and like you. Can you can you look around?

Looks like you're making yourself at home here. Yeah, you can't be doing this. And uh huh. She got really upset all of a sudden and just said you need to look and see what I did next. Next, next unit.

What going next? Unit rolled it up and let's say there was any bathrooms around, so she kind of improvised, and yeah, it was it was it was bad.

Let's just put it that way. She just want to talk about that day or what? But it was bad. Okay, sorry. Bad joke, that joke bad.

Um, but that's i'm like, you got to go. She wouldn't go. She got belligerent. Okay. Like, really, like, kind of coming after me.

Um, took away from the situation, called the cops, and the cops come down. It was it was the whole scene. Ended up finally getting her hold off.

Having like, some warrants and stuff. It was nuts. You never think of looking at her. She was the sweetest thing, but yeah, those can be deceiving and had to have a whole hazmat crew come out and deal with it. First day that happens. So obviously in it, you know, um, why, why not? Let's just continue with nc 17.

Uh, podcast going on here? Another one that comes to mind. Different site. And these are all different sites. But welcome to storage. You know, stuff happens.

Crap happens anyway, a joke. This one. I was again doing a walk through and all that and a z. Do you know there's a lot that's its units rented.

Cool, but door shut. And no lock on there. Okay, maybe they just maybe they just vacated. Cool. All right.

Happens all the time by the doors open. Roll the door up. And there's two people on the concrete floor doing your thing, and I it shocked me enough. At first, I was like, oh, probably stood there longer than I should have, but I was I was in shock. I wasn't I wasn't watching, and we'll roll the door down.

You know, I was talking through the door like, dude, you got you got you got 10 seconds. Wrap it up. 10 seconds. You gotta go.

You gotta go get it. Get out of here. I was the song was all flustered and did that. I ended up a z was leaving the facility.

I went out to the door and, like, yeah, just just so you know, your last day here. Okay? You're addicted.

So again, another reason to evict. You know, don't be doing that kind of stuff in the storage facility.

And so he left. And not 10, 15 minutes later, i'm gonna call the office and he had his mommy call.

Seriously, his mom had a call and beg beg for him. For big. For me, not to the victim. Yes. No. Where else to go for?

Don't finish that sentence, but nowhere else to go. Thio store rubble. Don't. Please don't victim. Please don't be a victim.

I'd be like well, you know why. I mean, evicting him, right? Oh, she knew.

I mean, at least he was honest with his mom on what he was doing. Wishes can imagine that conversation went, but anyway, still, you did so yeah, there's definitely reasons when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Not going back how we started this not the matter of if they're being inconvenient, okay? And not paying their bills on time. And they're paying late fees every month. Not a reason.

When when it comes to matter of story has, er things, you know, bad behavior at the site, things that could be detrimental to the locations, not that kind of stuff.

All right, then it comes into play effect. Don't. And even then, sometimes it's not a matter of you got 24 hours. Get out. You composed. You can email send the letter.

You generally it's 10 days prior to the next time that that rental contract is renewed. That tend to notice is really that's usually I see in the contracts again. Read your contract a little bit different. That jonah. That's what I usually see.

That much notice of just saying, hey, we're not renewing your lease. Renewing your agreement, have you phrase it next time it comes, dio, uh, this is your noticed get out.

Okay, that it covers nine times out of 10 that covers most situations, and you're covered. And there's not gonna be a whole lot of palm oil and drama and all this kind of stuff so kind of draw that line. So, yeah, if you if you get a tricky from itchy trigger trigger finger, I could say it.

Thio evict. Just take a take a moment, take a couple beats and just think. Okay, don't have to do this like right now, and then cause a scene or can, you know, post it kind of go through the proper channels to give him notice to be it out.

Okay. And not just because they're always late. Okay, again, that's fees revenue. Cool. Fine by me. Let him stay.

So, anyway, there's their story time. Sorry for that's a great way to start the day, right? Those kind of stories, but I got plenty of them.

So again, I really appreciate you guys tuning in the storage show being a part of this. Haven't already subscribe. Right where itunes spotify usually main tomb. Uh, yeah. Subscribe.

Really appreciate that again for a lot of these recording. It's in the facebook group on self storage community dot com. You can go there and join the group you live is alive, recorded and broadcast later as well. So again really appreciate it.

Have a good one, guys. Take care. All right, done. Well, good. How you guys doing this? Your comments come in real quick.

What's up, erin? We had one teaching class in the hallway. Yeah, I get it. There's yeah, I ran it. I mean, I got some stories. There's there's a site that I had in downtown salt lake and friday's stories on our time. But we were surrounded by homeless shelters, literally. There was four homeless shelters and probably a 34 block radius of us.

And no problem. You're running toe homeless people. In fact, they paid their rent like everybody else was great. It just kind of came with so much other drama all the time that oh my gosh, just people that wouldn't leave that one guy that was wrong.

Uh, he called him cigarettes in a june and selling on people that were towel like apocalypse park luck dinners basically in their unit have everyone coming community.

I had a whole kitchen table and stuff like that set up. It's just weird things. I mean and just trying to get people leave every night. It was the whole whole situation going on there, so I have got a lot of stories around that one, too.

Eso it's it's just interesting. Uh, do things on on fridays, kind of like open office hours, uh, helping people with other questions and kind of going through figuring out the storage world and that's been good source of content, quite frankly.

Sparking some ideas of what to talk about. That's where a lot of these, uh uh come from. It's kind of funny. So yeah. Thank you, guys. I got calls to get on myself here, so have a good rest of day.

Cool. Have a good on. See tomorrow. Bye.

I discuss a question I had about evicting a self storage customer.

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