Self Storage on Tik Tok

Jim chat's with Frazier Robison and his journey in self storage on documenting on social platforms such as Tik Tok.

So the big question is this. Are those in the self storage industry like us going to be successful in today's market? That's the question, and this show will give you the answers.

My name is jim ross, and welcome to the self storage show. Hi, everyone this is jim ross and the self storage show. It's been a minute, but we're back recording some new episodes. Got a lot more content coming out here the next weeks and months coming up. So we're looking forward to it.

But yeah, we're kind of starting off with the big here. You got frazier robinson with me today. How's it going, frazier? And i'm doing well, good. And maybe some people like who?

But it's it's kind of funny how i, you know, i'm always kind of keep my eyes and ears to the ground on what's going on and who's in the storage business and of all places, my daughter, my 17 year old daughter, just just a couple days ago. What's it been like two or three days ago? She's like, dad, you gotta check this guy out. I'm like why? She's like someone's doing storage on tik tok.

I'm like, are you kidding? Me. Like what? So she sure being? I think you were doing some sort of, uh, like, abandoned unit. Kind of a thing. Like like people laughing with that kind of thing. Like, all right, this is this is pretty cool. So that's how I found out about you reached out to you.

And here we go. Perfect. Yep. That definitely been on tik tok for a little bit now, posting a lot of self storage content there, and I really enjoy it. And it seems that other people have been enjoying it as well.

So yeah, it's kind of fun, especially when you kind of document the journey. I love that kind of stuff. You know it, you know?

Uh, yes, very much the yeah, the one that you know. He's the reason I even started on tic tok. Anyways, he pushed in a lot. You know, he's all social media and goes tik tok in a huge you know, you should go on there. And I was like, okay, i'll try it.

And so that's what got me started. No, it's it's great. You know, his whole models document you don't create another thing. And I went back to your i'd like benji on tick tock. I went back. I was kind of watching the journey over the bit in your story journey. It's it's it's fun. It's a great way toe.

Get to know somebody. But for those that are i'm not. Don't have a phone watch ticked off right now. I want to kind of just talk about it here on the podcast a bit more about your journey. So, yeah, tell us a little about yourself how you kind of got in the storage industry here.

That's a great question. So i'm a real estate agent as well. That's kind a little bit about my background and at the time and kind of where I pushed and focused a little more as a real estate agent was helping investor clients, people that are looking for investment properties.

It could be anything residential commercial, so I had a client of mine a couple years back, um, a few years back now, and she was looking for basically rental properties, apartments, anything that she could rent out that was, you know, a good deal on. And so we we looked at hundreds, and it was until we started to come across some stuff self storage units, facilities.

At the time, I didn't know anything really about the industry. Just knew what a self storage. What a unit was so I mentioned her. I said, are you interested in self storage? That's kind of like you're renting something. So with that way, wanna look?

So we started. Look, a storage facility a little more came across one in particular, and it ended up being the whole down payment was going to be pretty much what she had available for her. He locking every think eso she didn't want to move forward with. In case you don't have any money for expenses so, my brother is also private money fund manager per se him and his partners. They own a private money fund.

And so I sent it over to him, said, you have any investors who would be interesting, this property, as i've done with other properties before when I think it's a good deal on , he messaged me back and he said, you know, actually, I am. I'm interested in that.

So I said, great. Okay, let's look into this. So we started moving forward with the process. He's too far away.

And he said, you know, i'm gonna need to wanna manage this. Would you be interested in that? So we worked out a deal where I ah portion of equity as well as managed the day to day of it all.

And so we end up buying it him and i'm partner on that one and then kind of went forward from there. So that's how we got started. That's cool.

Thats if you could just get the foot in the door sometimes when the and the thing that you had, uh, able to see that there was potential with something like that. You know, it's kind of funny sometimes that stores flies under the radar a lot of places when it comes toe and things like that. But once you get a little taste of and see your like, i'm all in.

That's right. You know, I can't tell you people have, you know, done other like apartments or any kind of real estate, and they try to first storage property and then they're like, all in, they start selling, everything got off.

It's kind of funny how that happens when you start seeing how it just operational life, you know how it works and just the revenue, you know, that's that's there to be taken right here. Yeah.

So i'm working in washington state. Okay, so, yeah, if you're if you're managing, you probably want to find something that's somewhat so i'm not close. You keep an eye on it. Sounds like, yeah. I mean, we've done other things to before, basically, you know, all managed a lot remotely.

And so we just had a couple storage facilities down in oregon, actually, and they were about 4. 5 hour drive for me. Um, and we end up selling those recently, but yeah, I managed them remotely.

And I would have caretaker or part time manager. Um, they would live on site, we would rent out. The house is well to them, and then they would get a little bit of ah, paycheck, help manage some of the day to day stuff. Things that need to be.

You know, units need to be locked out, units to be unlocked, cleaning and garbage and that sort of thing, but yeah, were ableto manage things that air far away as well, uh, no, it's good. It's one thing when it comes to storage to if you have the right systems in place. Yeah, you can get away with that. You could you could manager from remote.

Uh, yeah. Much as possible. So? So i'm just curious. Coming as a newbie. You've been there for a couple of years. Sounds like, yeah. About 2. 5 years since we bought the first one. It was june of 2018.

So you're still a baby? Yes, I like that. Uh huh. But no, it's those two years. I'm just kind of curious. Anything that you've got into it now, you kind of you wish you would have no one then, that you know now, after having a couple years of experience under your belt, yeah, that's ah, we we've done a lot, I think, in the past 2. 5 years, we bought five storage facilities within the first within less than a year of time. So from june 2018 to march 2019 we end up buying five stores, which is so obvious.

Hi. Um, so we still have three of them. And recently, after a year and a half. We sold two of them off, um, the ones down in oregon.

And so basically, we've done different lots of different managing things. I managed myself. We brought on a third party management company, and then we've gone back recently to me, owning and operating it, managing it myself again.

Um, so biggest things i've learned would be that's like that's a great question. I've learned a lot operationally, that would be the biggest take away from having the management companies seeing how they run it, having caretakers or assistant managers, and seeing the pros and cons with those how to better increased revenue, different strategies we can to push rentals and getting them rented out faster.

Eso a lot of those along those lines. So i've learned a ton. I constantly, i'm learning to, and especially even with ticktock going back to that when I post videos, there's things that I i oversee or don't necessarily see the biggest benefit to it, or that it could be improved in this way. It's something I hadn't thought about before, and so people just making all their comments because they're opinionated, which is actually super helpful to me so i'm grateful for it. I'll change things based upon comments because I realized that's a better way to do it. So that's another way i'm constantly learning.

Really, that's that's according to your crowd. Sourcing how toe? Exactly. Yeah, like there was. There was one video I remember watching it was something like your kind of running remotely, you know, as much as possible and reading the units on, then email in the contract.

But it had, like, the locks on it to give him the code. Oh, that was, like earlier video. Then you kind of transition to know. I'm gonna put the tags on. I think you know, stamper tags off.

Uh, i've seen it work both ways, you know, and and certain sites. But yeah, it's just the same kind of thing. You know, you're learning as you're going along and across from the crowd, sourcing the feedback. That's a great way to do it. Actually, yeah, comments on those videos. That's pretty cool.

Yeah, I start to get more and more, you know, as I continue to grow on there, i'll start to get it's normal to get hundreds of comments now, depending on the any given video, but it helps because you get people from all sorts of industries.

You don't realize that when you're posting the video, you're going to reach so many people until you get going with it. And then you get people from all sorts of industries and they'll tell you, don't cut that that way.

You should probably use a different tool. That's what this is called or whatever or and they'll just share things about, um, how it can be improved. And have you ever thought about doing this before and on what not?

And so I kind of take it all in some of it. People don't understand, you know the industry enough. And so that thing when it actually worked or be effective good.

But other times it goes on. I thought about that great and so just being able to reach out to so many people, all with just a post of a video, it's not calling up a million different comments and they just send in stuff.

It's awesome. It's cool. I'm sure you get a lot of feedback in your you know, i'm afraid of getting your hands dirty, getting credit for that.

You know the maintenance and the conversions and all that kind of stuff. So i'm sure you're getting a lot of feedback going on. Do this. Do that. So, yeah, I saw that a command. And make sure you're you gotta take your hat off to you for forgetting your hands or your like that.

A lot of people don't want to do that kind of portion of it, but a lot of time, jeff, you're doing it yourself. You have no choice.

You got yeah, I i enjoy it. I don't think it's the fastest way to grow, but i'm kind of at another point in the past few months where i'm kind of resetting a little bit, building a better foundation, kind of building more of an in house management type style and ultimately, all kind of slowly get myself out of it and be kind of overseeing one of those things of people so we can continue to grow more.

Hello, better rate. So but if you do not right way, actually, I think it's far as you got dirty. They're getting into it. Is that what you can make better decisions later on? Like if you do end up having someone else that's helping you for management overseeing.

You know the pitfalls and red flags and what to look for eso, you know. And there's other people on the other side of coin that just don't know anything and the higher, like a third party manager company.

I hate to say it, but sometimes the third party guys take advantage of them from on their ignorance. They don't know what, how to oversee, about questions to ask, or what red flags like popping up. So no, that's that's your benefit. I've given really getting down and dirty that way because you know what to look for.

Yeah, it's been very beneficial. No, that's great. What was this? E no, you just that's how we communicated to this community thing you're a part of. That's kind of cool with the text application. Yeah, that's ah, that would be another inspired gary v social ideal community for everybody that doesn't know what that is, is community is a text plan.

If you just search the word community in google, it's gonna pop up the tv show. So just google community text platform, whatever. And essentially it's like a social media texting where everybody that is receiving text is receiving a right to their phone, and you kind of have experience with receiving them for me.

Um, when i'm sending them is it just pops up like a regular text message to you. But on my side, if you're the one that has the community platform, I can access it from my phone or on desktop version, and I see it more as an app, and so I can see all the messages.

But I can respond one on one to people as a text. Or I can send out a group message, which you may have seen those here and there to me, and i'll shoot it out to everybody, or I can shoot it out to select people.

And it works a lot different than a group text messaging thing because in a group text message you've got, you know, it says, you know all the numbers or the names.

You know it smacks of like 10 people, whatever, but this is a has a lot more capacity, and so on our side. If you have a community platform, you do pay a cost. For there's a monthly cost for that, um, but I take that in is, you know, business cost, and i'm trying to grow that in a text way, and I see it being very beneficial.

Eso it's been it's been different to use that as well, and i've been doing that for just a few weeks. So yeah, that's that's interesting. I saw that was like how to make sure you brought that up.

So it's really for this episode I want to introduce you to, you know, say hi to everybody in my followers because I love producing content and getting things out there, and you have you have a unique spin on it. As you've seen kind of that document and you don't create just document the process. I think it could be inspiring for a lot of people that are in storage.

Uh, I can knock down interest because i've been a part of it for so long. We're behind the times. Ah, lot for a lot of ways, especially in marketing.

I think of just there's there's so many avenues right now in marketing, I think sometimes it's like the analysis paralysis kind of thing. People kinda overthink a lot of stuff.

Yeah, kind of way you're doing it, I think could be beneficial people just to see of just go just record it just just kind of go with the flow of what's going on in your day to day operations for vendors or for cold storage managers of the storage site. I think there's like people that can take things away from from watching it. So go ahead and tell us working people, you know, look, you up following it and it gets, um, inspiration.

Well, thank you. I appreciate that. S o ticktock. I'm huge on their, um and so that's my biggest focus.

Short form videos. If you're not familiar with what tic tac is 15 to 62nd videos. But fraser, ari I or f r a z I e r r e I if you search that, that's my user name on tick tock.

A zwelling fraser underscore robinson on instagram and frazier robinson on self on youtube and so you can find those on. That's what that's where i'm at. We'll put the link in the description, too, and I can already hear, you know, even though it's just us right now, I can hear people listen. That's going to talk is not like the just the dance. But I could hear what you're saying.

It's not. It is partly, but it xjs fast. Who's jumping on what kind of content on there. It's not just, you know, just dance videos. It's not. It's like I said, my that's how it works. My daughter introduced me to it.

You got some 45 year old 44 45 2 more days. Okay, 44 year old happy birthday, you know, now i'm on it, and that's how it goes. And that's how it flows and changes. And so again, I want people to go check on just to get some inspiration of what you could do on this kind of platform. So I think it's awesome, man. Yeah, I think there's huge opportunity, especially if you have a business or you have something that you can teach a skill. It's really no different than than what youtube used to be.

Everybody accepts youtube as a very educational platform slash entertainment platform, and that's very much so. How ticktock is continually changing if you're any.

If you're familiar with anything about an algorithm, it will shoot you things that you want to see. So if you love d I y stuff and that sort of thing or still storage, then that's what it is going to shoot you on the platform. You don't have to watch little kids dancing. If that's not what you're into, whatever it may be.

So that's great. Well, cool. I'll keep checking the out, man. We'll stay in touch. So thanks.

Be part of this ranger. Hey, thank you so much. Appreciate it. Hi, everyone. This is jim again.

If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to visit threemilesstorage. Com for or free resource is on how to grow your self storage business. See you on the next episode.


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