Self Storage Gone Wrong!

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You wanna watch today? Today is gonna be today is gonna be nutty. I got a new story to share with you video. So it's crazy.

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Cool. I have one. Hi, everyone. Jim ross, thanks again for tuning into the self storage show. Uh, this episode it's gonna be a kind of heartbreaker on this one.

On fridays, I had, like, these open hours, scheduled time meeting. We have, like, 30 minute conversations, talking about pretty much everything in storage. And yesterday I was talking to somebody, and we're talking about some policies and procedures when it comes to auctions.

And she's like, yeah, have you heard the news story? It was local to me where i'm at. I'm like, no, I haven't watched the news in a long time.

Quite frankly, magno, I haven't heard the heard the news what she's like. Well, yeah. There was a new story about someone that went to auction that's supposed to be on auto pay.

Never got hit, you know? And they sold her stock for threw it away. I don't know. It's crazy. It's on the news. And now i'm getting phone calls asking about, you know, are we having auto pay, which we're on auto pay just because they haven't got scared out there where they're at. So anyway, um, brian is talking about i'm gonna play this news story, do a commentary during it, but it's it's good. We just have some awareness of man just having some simple policies and procedures in place and just make insured. And you'll see in this newscast that these managers are probably just kind of, like just left their own devices like god cool. They got it.

They know what they're doing. It doesn't look like there was any kind of oversight going on whatsoever at this property. You'll see that za jump into it here.

Yeah, it's gonna make you sick. All right, let me pull this. Um uh, cool. All right.

We're good. Every single possession you are dumped into landfill. Everything. Everything of value gone.

It happened to a woman in tula when the storage company claims she was laid on her payments. But is mike and the cast of investigators found up in this payments may not have been her fault.

Dave, when you sign up to run a unit and it stansbury park storage into, will you sign a lease addendum? Now, a first off. Can you imagine? Being this site now is like a business owner.

And like, you have a third party magic up his heart that's managing this property. And you're like, oh, everything's all good.

And next thing you know, you're being blasted on the news with your name, your facility in that I can only imagine the fallout that's going on this property.

I'm that addendum. It states that if you do not pay for 30 days, they're gonna sell or dump your stuff. So what happens when you also set?

Sorry. I'm gonna keep positive once throughout this is because it's gotta have some commentary. It drives me crazy. There is an addendum again. Maybe the newscasters just, you know, talk about the cut here. But I can't imagine that denham actually saying we're gonna sell cool. I get that. I'm gonna sell, go through auction procedures or dump your stuff.

Yeah, there's no lien statutes in the same way it's gonna throw away your stuff. Sign up for auto pay. But the money has never taken from your account. You ask ksl investigates.

This is a huge. This is a huge mess. What if I were to tell you the 03 and the accusations a thing this heated conversation through a could all be straightened out with an ordinary 8. 5 by 11 inch piece of people paper theo, a piece of paper and in the words of police, young is the reason everything you can imagine I was in there.

The reason just about everything she owned was taken from this storage unit and thrown into the dump. Tell me where I will go digging through garbage right now to find my things again, bringing this up, throwing in the dump.

Okay, that's what i'm just looking to turn a little bit, but just playing devil's advocate. Okay, let's just say called out the auto pay, okay? And you weren't getting hit and a z, the manager as in that operation. That storage facility, okay, they should be going to those proper channels.

Yeah, of going through the link process so she would have been notified if they would have been doing their job right emails, phone calls, certified letter saying, hey, it's going toe option and they would have cut their own mistake of realizing, oh, we weren't actually charging their auto pay.

So just having that system in place of actually running the leans correctly and notifying your attendance correctly, that or stuff's going up for auction. They would have caught this.

They would have caught their mistake and she would still have her stuff. It's on. They wouldn't tell me. That's just devastating, right? To give you a little background. Elise is a single mom and moved to twill in hopes of saving some money.

Eventually buy a home with her five year old daughter. And part of that saving meant putting a majority of her possessions that I financed, things that i've purchased, things that i've worked for, things that things that would fit into a 10 by 10 storage unit for safekeeping.

So she walked into the office that stansbury park storage, filled out paperwork, signed a lease and just to make sure that she never missed a payment, you know, they asked if I wanted to set up on auto pay and I said, yeah, I would be great.

All right, now, to give you a quick refresher on just how auto pay works, you give the business your bank information, and each month they automatically take the money out of your account.

It's pretty cool. You don't have to worry about a single thing that isn't lex. The very next month comes and I don't see an auto pay charge comes through.

And it was never one time run unless the money is never taken out and it didn't happen just once or twice, but I had to keep going in and keep going in and keep going in three times. Three times, elise says, she went down to the storage units, filled out the paperwork for auto pay, but I gave you my auto pay. I'm set up on auto pay, and not once was a $75 payment automatically taken out. And because stansbury park store yeah, yeah, that part makes me sick.

Jeez, doing everything in her power of the customer to give you money automatically, you know, you don't have to run around chasing someone toe pay their bills. He's trying to go on auto pay for her for her storage and and getting the run around like that.

And again, I can tell just personally from some consultations that i've done some audits and especially some odds that i've been a part of going into sites.

This is not that uncommon seriously of I find all of pay paperwork and it's not entered in. It's not followed up on. It's just it's just it's kind of mind boggling, quite frankly, especially everything now it z very easily laid out for for storage managers operators to doing these simple procedures.

But, yeah, it's just fallen through the cracks. So get ready. It gets it gets worse or says they never received the money and like it was kind of silent for a minute. And then he comes on the phone and just says, well, it's empty on. I was like, excuse me, it's what he says.

It's emptied on them like what do you mean? It's emptied? Almost everything elise owned was gone. Washer and dryer, elektronik, snowboards, mountain bike, family momentos and heirlooms and things that have been passed down to me.

And when she walked into the office looking for answers, she says, the managers placed the blame on her her e. You know, obviously you did not hold a procedure.

You're a process that you are. You never want my account e her e. I want you to hold on there for a moment. Did you catch what she just said? Her credit card declined, but here's the catch.

Castle investigators have a transcript of the conversation between police and a credit card company where the company states. I don't see any attempts from this merchant.

I don't see any attempted decline transactions. So according to the credit card company stansbury park, storage never attempted to run an auto pay. Hoping to straighten things out, the ksl investigators rolled up to the manager's office. Now, quick side note here is we're making this long walk to the door. It should be known.

Elise is not the only customer with stansbury park storage who has had issue with auto pay. We spoke with half a dozen others who, in their own words, said they claimed we were past due and owed fees. Even though we had auto pay every month, they would forget to pull my payment.

They said they didn't receive my payment. They claim they must have entered the credit card information incorrectly said my card and information got misplaced. Okay, now that we have a little more background, let's see where this takes us.

Okay. Good. Hedrick with ksl tv. Are you barbara? Okay, so I talked to you on the phone. Have you guys had issues with before?

Uh, little mix ups here and there. She's saying you guys lost paperwork, right? Okay. And that's why they're so there's just one piece of paper has her information on it. Did you lose it for her car?

No, losing it was all right. All right. Now pause it for a moment. She says, out of date. So let's slide the lease agreement on the screen there. And this is where a least wrote down her debit card information.

Expiration date. Take a look. November 2021. That's more than two years after her lease was signed. In fact, pull up the official tenant ledger and it shows that very same card ending in 2489 was used and accepted right here for the initial payment. And right there, the month after release says that the auto pay didn't go through and she had to pay in person.

Heck, while we're looking at documents, the only one nobody seems to be able to get their hands on there is a carbon copy is the official auto pay for there's no carbon copy of the auto pay agreement.

Why is that? This story is made. It's just a e don't wanna hear no excuses about we can't find or it cannot locate paper. Martin blaustein with utah legal services and says, in this day and age, with just about everything computer driven, it is tough to believe a copy of that auto pay form is not readily available.

The landlord should be able to go back to their history, go back to their backup files and locate the transaction. There's almost no excuse for not having a documented.

It raises a red flag. He's talking about documentation of auto pay, late notices, phone calls, warnings her property was gonna be dumped. Yeah, I just real quick.

And this goes above me on just what we're talking about here. You know, in this kind of case of auto pace, just anyone that once, once they're late.

Okay. Uh huh. Document everything. Seriously attempted phone calls letters of every turn, emails, all that kind of stuff.

It's needs to be documented. Okay, uh, making sure your manager and relief manager are all on the same page because I can't tell you how many times relief manager may come in.

You know, they're they're a day. Therefore dare to a week, and you start getting the cross communication like, oh, did you talk to all? Yeah, I talked to this person what they say oh, I think that you talked about talking about the conversation happened a week ago.

Okay, this document, especially once once things kind of get into this territory of being late or now we're talking auction status. Just cover your butt and just document everything and again you also you're holding yourself accountable as the manager operator of your storage facility, making sure you're running a top operation.

Okay? And no one's perfect what? Going through some of these things, you're you're gonna catch some of these mistakes, and this is now to put it lightly. This is a huge mistake.

Obviously, something could easily avoided probably 20 times over. That just got over looked. The managers say they did that past due notices a phone call, an auction letter.

Do you have documentation of any of those things? Um, not that I can give you e. Unfortunately, reality is at this point pawnshop.

Just about everything alisa's worked for is gone. She spent months looking online. One more thing real quick again. What technology this day and age. There's no reason that not have some simple plug ins in your software.

Turn on some settings, have that conversation with your software company that's running your facility on doing it's, you know, taking the payments. And i'll send out notices.

So many things you kind of set on auto default that takes out the manager so you don't have this human error okay? Again, you don't have the manager calling following up.

I get it. But there's so many things you can set up automatically that's gonna ping people when they're late. Send them text notices.

Hey, you're late. That's gonna send them emails. Hey, you're late. All this kind of stuff you can set up automatically, so you're not totally dependent on the manager doing their job.

And as you can tell by this, that marriage is attitude, she don't care s oh, yeah. You don't have that kind of empathy. A za manager doing your job.

You're in the wrong business. Eso yeah, there's this some simple things that could have been put in place. Everyone should have that man.

First day they were late, but it got a ping when a email or texture something. Sure, we got that one way. What? And fixed it came.

Yeah, the classifieds at auctions, even neighborhood sales. Every click I make it's like my stomach. I'm just like anxiously waiting to see something that might be mine on. While nothing will change what she lost, there is one change. After weeks of investigating, cancel discovered when we decided to rent a storage unit just two days ago, auto pay is officially unwholesome.

A sudden change release believes since because of her story, our investigation, hoping it will save others from the same heartbreak. Why is my stuff gone?

Why, like why is it gone? It shouldn't be gone. I trusted you on stansbury. Park storage and its parent company, beehive storage, have a c plus rating from the better business bureau. The primary representative of that business repeatedly refused to defend their actions on camera but told ksl quote, you don't have the facts and quote there is no problem. Expert advice. If the company you are doing business with does not give you a carbon copy of the documents that you signed, ask for a copy or take a picture of the documents on your phone. Also, it is a good idea to check your account each and every month just to make sure that auto pay is going through.

And as we showed in there, she's not the only one. Just since we've been running the promotions for this, I got a couple of phone calls from people who said almost the exact same thing happened to them with auto pay. With the exception of all their stuff being dumped, did they say where they put her stuff? No. They told her a couple of different stories, one that possibly was auction. The other one was that it was dumped. So no documentation of when it was taken or where it went.

So yeah, yeah, come back to this and talking about how, uh, they don't know what happened, you know, at the end of we don't know if it was sold in auction or if it was dumped, it was dumped.

Okay, if they don't have any documentation that was sold in an auction, that that's his total negligence that they don't have that kind of follow up on sold in auction. Okay, here's the auction. Adheres often. Notice. Here's a receipt on who bought it. Hears it was on online. Cool. Here's the buyer. Let me call the buyer and see if they still hyper stuff.

That's total negligence that they actually went through the oxen process and don't have any documentation about that either. Um, so yeah, it was it was dumped.

Okay, if they don't have, can you provide that? That's yeah. Let's go on and love me on. So yeah, there's a lot that can go on here. Uh, just want toe.

And to watch that having managers watch us on the suddenness to all my managers to hey, we do everything right. But but having that empathy of when you're storing everyone's prized possessions that says you heard her it since your life, okay? My life in a 10 by 10 have some empathy with that. This is this is everyone's livelihood. This is all the price positions you're taking care of, um, give a damn when it comes to making sure everything is done correctly and getting their payments and things like that. And honestly, this kind of comes into play off.

I mean, obviously can kind of tell these five managers and their actions, they could care less, but as kind of a rule when it comes to auctions.

We know. Okay, when you're rolling that unit and you're looking, you know, 31 days late. Whatever.

And you are going through a double checking. Okay, they haven't they haven't made their payments. Okay, when the process for auction and you're rolling, you cut the lock off the door up, taking inventory.

We all know. Okay, we get that those feelings off. Oh, this is this is just total junk. You kind of eyeball that. That they took what they wanted and they left.

They left you with the rest. You kind of get that feeling out of this is gonna get paid on or not. Okay, way. We all know that.

Okay, then there's others units like this and you saw the pictures you took in the back of the you home this is this is great. It's a good stuff. This is, you can tell.

You know this. It's not just your average, you know this is going to auction. Be extra cautious when you see something like that. Be extra diligent on getting a hold of them.

Anything to, you know, reach out to them. And then sometimes I wanna have a hurt and actually delay it a little bit going through that process of going through the auction, wait another month or two and then see if something just pans out.

I've had that happen on how many times where e used to run an auction company back in the day because I saw so many places were just doing things totally wrong on. It's a whole lot of stories right there as well, like a time of times I go up to the unit, roll it up, you know, 30 days late at least, and so it's time to start the auction process.

Graham. We're not going to sell them for at least 61 days later. Later, at least here in utah can tell me times are all the door looked at the unit and, like well, we're gonna hold off on this like just they're gonna they're gonna come to pay. You could just tell something's up.

You know, we're gonna give them extra 30 days and we re evaluate. Then I can't tell you many times. That was just just that little bit of time was enough for gender.

Come back and get back in contact with us and get back on payments. So just oh, bottom line. All this is have a heart making sure your systems are in place.

Make sure your manners care. And they're actually following systems and rules that we have in place to cover ourselves. Um, and again, the whole point of this and you are in the customer service business.

Serve that customer, ondas. You can tell them that that that news story yeah, that that wasn't happening whatsoever. And, yeah, let's go from there. So there's a there's a downer for you today, so sorry about that.

But it's important to see these things as well, because it sometimes that you hear these stories and puts a face to it. You know what i'm talking about? All these things that we talked about for running better operations and having systems in place, that's why.

Okay, put a face to it. So again, thank you so much for tuning in. And we'll see you next time. Take care.


Jim Ross discusses a local new story about self storage gone horribly wrong.

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