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I Can't Compete Against Them

Hey, it's jim. About six months ago, I took over management of a location. I remember this owner saying, in the last year has had three new competitors. There's a there's a running theme of three you're going on, but you have three new competitors open up in this market. Him saying that they were […]

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What Do You Do For A Living?

Hey, it's jim. Uh, this segment of three minutes with three mile. I just had a funny phone call that prompted me to record this segment. I was doing an interview with, um, guys doing kind of like a virtual booth kind of a deal for their business and just in conversation, you know, ask […]

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Why 3 Mile Storage?

Hey, it's jim! In this episode, let's talk about, well, where three mile came from, the name. Okay, a little different, you know. Years ago I came up with three mile domination because it's, you know that that three mile anyone that's in the self storage industry, you kind of know that your target market […]

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Welcome To 3 Minutes with 3 Mile Storage!

Hey, it's jim. Welcome to my new series that's going to be part of the self storage show. This is three minutes with three mile. Obviously, things here, it's gonna be part of also the content i'm building with three mile storage. My goal with this is in three mile is pretty simple. I want […]

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😎 #143: Storage Talk - Terry Campbell

πŸ’₯ Terry Campbell from Live Oak Bank joins Jim Ross on the latest episode of The Self Storage Show. FYI...don't miss the upcoming free virtual summit happening on 5/27/20! Register for free at www.BeatTheReit.com

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☎️ #144: Virtual Summit Highlight - Jim Ross - Every Call Counts Presentation

πŸ’₯ If you are enjoying highlights from the last virtual summit...then you definitely don't want to miss the next virtual summit coming up on 5/27/20! Get your FREE ticket at: www.BeatTheReit.com

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