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Using Competition Alliances To Get Extra Self Storage Rentals

All right. How's everyone doing on this friday? This week has gone by fast. That's where it is going back quicker than it was when you're younger. Don't know. Can't believe already november. Uh, anyway, speaking of friday's, uh, every friday, I don't know the last couple of weeks here, I just brought top let […]

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Embracing Your Self Storage Competition

Yeah. Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining me for another episode. Here, uh, today's episode I wanna talk about embracing competition a few months back. Friend poppy barons. Sure. Maybe if you're in the software industry. You know, poppy, uh, she messaged me a few months back, asking if I would like to contribute to an […]

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Self Storage Tools For Success: Radius +

Here's a quick tool I use frequently when evaluating current self storage competition and projects coming into an area. Radius+ is a fantastic tool that everyone in the self storage industry should make themselves familiar with. Check Them Outhttps://www.radiusplus.com/ Hey, everyone. Thanks for joining me here for another three minutes with three mile, but it'll […]

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Self Storage on Tik Tok

Jim chat's with Frazier Robison and his journey in self storage on documenting on social platforms such as Tik Tok. So the big question is this. Are those in the self storage industry like us going to be successful in today's market? That's the question, and this show will give you the answers. My name […]

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Build Value in Every Call

Jim secret shops self storage sites and gives evaluations on high to boost conversions and increase the revenue for your self storage property.   Hello, this is kevin can I help you? Yeah, I was calling to see if you have any storage available? Um, what size are you looking for? Trying to think, trying […]

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Don't Just Jump Right to Size and Price

Can help you? Yeah. I was calling to see if you have any storage available? Um, I have 10x20's available they're $185 a month. Okay. Just write that down here. A 10x20 is that what you said? Yeah, and all my other smaller ones I believe were all taken right now. Okay. Got it. All […]

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Who's Got Your Customer?

Hey, it's jim. On this segment of three minutes of three mile. I want to talk about a question that I often ask myself, and that is who's got my customers? Okay, when i'm running a facility with my property management company or if i'm doing a consultation with somebody, i'll ask them that. Okay, […]

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I Can't Compete Against Them

Hey, it's jim. About six months ago, I took over management of a location. I remember this owner saying, in the last year has had three new competitors. There's a there's a running theme of three you're going on, but you have three new competitors open up in this market. Him saying that they were […]

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What Do You Do For A Living?

Hey, it's jim. Uh, this segment of three minutes with three mile. I just had a funny phone call that prompted me to record this segment. I was doing an interview with, um, guys doing kind of like a virtual booth kind of a deal for their business and just in conversation, you know, ask […]

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Why 3 Mile Storage?

Hey, it's jim! In this episode, let's talk about, well, where three mile came from, the name. Okay, a little different, you know. Years ago I came up with three mile domination because it's, you know that that three mile anyone that's in the self storage industry, you kind of know that your target market […]

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