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Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: Stor-Guard

This is jim ross again with another storage spotlight. It's gonna be a good one here today. I got paula swanson from store guard with me. How you doing? I'm good. Jim. How about you? Good, good. Now, sometimes we do these vendor spotlights, and sometimes we just talk, and sometimes there's a presentation, so […]

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Self Storage KPIs On Reports

Cool. All right. Was happy monday. We'll give it a few minutes is always and get a few more people jump on a live here. How's your coming on? Say hi. Let me know you're there. Okay. Cool. That's monday. Already started already. Kind of sucks today square have a couple of kids that aaron […]

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 Storage Is Everywhere!

Hi, everyone. Jim here. The self storage show. Thanks for tuning in again for another episode. Uh, this one here I was thinking I was going through some training sessions and I was like, that's a big topic to talk about, you know, when new employees were coming into the fold. Kind of like that […]

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Self Storage Gone Wrong!

All right. Good morning, guys. Keeping things moving along for these facebook lives get a little more centered here. Alright, we're good. I didn't realize what time it was. E gotta get started. So, trying to be consistent as possible doing these things. So thanks for tuning in and see what we got here real […]

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Self Storage Question: "Should I Evict or Not?"

Hi everyone. This is jim ross self storage show. Thanks for tuning in again. Uh, this episode I was just wondering what should I talked about today, and it stemmed from a conversation I had yesterday as a lot of these episodes seeking to dio and had someone reach out there asking about some, uh, […]

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Fire At A Self Storage Facility

Hey, everyone, this is jim ross. Thanks for joining me again for the self storage show this episode talk about tenant insurance and, uh, got a cool video right on a cool video is going to scare you to death with some fire footage at a site and again. Gonna have some other people coming […]

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My 1st Self Storage Conference

All right. I'm good to go. One guys. Looks like i'm yeah, too much stuff going online right now. Hazards of having on your kids home on doing virtual learning or well, on their computers on their chromebooks doing there. Zoom classes. So, taking up some bandwidth today, so hopefully I don't lose. You will […]

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Boost Your Self Storage Employees Participation In Building A Team

Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining for another episode of the self storage show. This is jim ross. Uh, today's episode I was, before I started recording. Like, what are we going? What should I talk about today? And then sitting on my desk was the latest issue of iss. Alright i'll give me inspiration on […]

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STOP Setting Your Potential Self Storage Revenue On Fire Every Single Month!

Good morning, guys. Everyone's doing well. It's a sunday morning, so we'll see who turns on the sunday. Like I said, when you keep this going, though, uh, every day you'll see me at nine o'clock coming on, i'll be talking about something. Use something in storage. So let's series on here so far, and […]

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What Are You Willing To Spend To Acquire A Self Storage Customer?

Good morning, guys or what? See who's jumping on there saturday morning? Who's that? Who's that ambitious to join a facebook? Live on a saturday morning. See how it goes? Uh, no. Like I said, i'm going to keep these going. I got middle challenge to myself of 30 days in a row of doing […]

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