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Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: AI Lean

Hi everyone! This is jim ross and self storage show today. Segment. When you go to another vendor spotlight. Excited for this one. I got the founder of a eileen frederick the lander with me today. How's it going? Going. Great. Thank you about yourself, jim. Going good, these air, these air fun having an […]

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Kevin Bledsoe - How Self Storage Owners Can Build Value

Hi, everyone. Jim ross in the self storage show. Got an episode coming with you with any of you haven't done the interviews for a little while. Kind of out of practice. So good. We're bringing it back. Kevin bledsoe with me today. How's it going, kevin? Good. How are you, jim? Good. Thanks for […]

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New Reasons To Use SBA Loans For Your Self Storage Purchase!

Hello everyone this is jim ross, the self storage show. Today. I got a returning, returning, returning guests been a few times. Got terry campbell from live. Oh, big. How's it going? Going. Great. How about you? Good going trying to keep a sanity and all the craziness going on. I'm telling you, it's hard […]

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Use Your Self Storage Google My Business As Your Social Media!

Hi everyone this is jim ross. Thanks again for joining me for the self storage show. Today's episode I was thinking, look, kind of stem from a conversation I had on friday, friday, as I have my open virtual office hours and again, that's where I get a lot of content from, you know, talking […]

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Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: Call Potential

Hi everyone this is jim ross. To do another vendor spotlight. Today it's one a good one we've had called potential on before, and it's it's always gonna have ah, focus like this. So I got peter speaking eagle from call potential. How's it going? Good, good, good. You guys are going crazy. Busy, busy, […]

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Do Your Self Storage Managers Believe In Your Customer Insurance Product?

Hello, this is Jim ross. Thanks again for joining me for the self storage show. Uh, this episode this stem from kind of earlier episode I talked about with insurance, and I showed the video inscribed about I got one site, unfortunately, burned down to the ground and dealing with all of that. Yeah, it […]

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Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: CJ- On The Move

This is jim ross. We're doing another edition of the self storage vendor spotlight today. Got cj on the move. How's it going? Going. Great. How are you? Good. Thanks for taking the time and doing a vendor spotlight here with us. Thanks for having us. I'm here. Yeah. Gotta do something. Kind of treating […]

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My Days Of Holding Live Self Storage Auctions

Hi everyone its jim ross with the self storage show. Thanks for tuning in for another episode here today. As as always, they go. What should I talk about? And literally just had a conversation about a half hour ago with a vendor that's coming into the industry and helping out when it comes to […]

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Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: Memtech

Hi, everyone, this is jim ross. We're gonna be doing a vendor spotlight today. These air these air fun to dio I got lynn boucher with me. She's with the self storage seal division of memtech inc. How's it going, lynn? Very well, thank you, jim. How about yourself? Good, good. These air fun. That's […]

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How Self Storage Owners Can Build Value In Their Business

Hi everyone. This is jim ross with self storage show. Uh, is gonna be a fun one. Got a great guest with me today. I'm not really. That's that's a long one. Got sean delaney here with me. Senior vice president, investments with delaney stuff storage group, part of marcus and millichap. I got it […]

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