I Can't Compete Against Them

Hey, it's jim. About six months ago, I took over management of a location. I remember this owner saying, in the last year has had three new competitors.

There's a there's a running theme of three you're going on, but you have three new competitors open up in this market. Him saying that they were new or training. You know, he just he said the words that I can't compete against them.

And maybe you've said the same thing. You know about new competitors coming into your market, okay? And so we sat down, we broke down everything. Step by step on the necessary actions that it was gonna have to take where he was now to where he wanted to get to.

And you know those steps. It's kind of what we're gonna be talking about in these segments here. But I did that with the owner and totally had that were on the same page where he wanted to get to you.

Okay? And I don't care what color's. The doors are for your competitors. Okay? If you do the necessary things that laid out there and the right actions behind them, you can compete.

Okay. How can you compete. You can dominate your three mile market. You really can. I remember this particular facility. Sat it all down, andi. I started with the foundations.

Just start from scratch. And quite frankly, I just I couldn't get the manager on board. Okay. Long story short.

After six weeks, I made a manager change. I'm sure a lot of you can agree that you know the manager will make or break your facility.

I don't care how much automation and stuff you wanna put your facility. Great but a good manager will make a facility, bad managers gonna break it.

Okay, i've seen it time and time again. Anyway, we made that manager change, started over. Went over the foundations. You know, when your target market, how many households in that market competitors set goals together, learn the lifetime value of a customer.

I just learning how to track everything and doing a performance audit together, just setting that foundation. And just after a few weeks, you could just start seeing the improvement happen and you know, i'm happy to say, six months into this process, besides making more money than it ever has, things were running a lot more smoother than they ever have before.

You know, a few bumps in the beginning part of the process. Okay, but now it's smooth sailing, and it great feeling just kind of seeing that when people trust the process. Quite frankly, uh, hopefully with property management a lot of times able to say great. Just just do it.

You know, just this country check. Just do what you gotta do. Kind of like that. It's great. So it makes things less resistance, and we just move on and go for it.

And that's what happened with this particular site. So the reason I bring this up is with these segments, as you're you're listening to these kind of bite size segments, i'm gonna be walking you through a lot of the same things I do with my clients one on one.

So I encourage, you don't just listen, but take action as well. Okay, sometimes it might just be a just a little spark of something like oh, that's that's a good deal.

Go do it. Okay. Don't just listen. You all want to be active on this as well. So again, it's great for free to listen to it.

You know, um, but when people hire me for one on one I get you there faster. That's kind of the idea.

Um, but there is kind of a middle ground as well. If you want to go to threemilestorage. Com you're gonna see some materials there as well that I have available for you. That will help you get there faster.

Kind of where you are now, where you want to get to. Okay, I have it. There for you at threemilestorage. Com so little shameless plug, but got to once in a while.

All right? So again, it's just it's just that right mindset. And again, managers were gonna make or break your facilities. So hopefully owners that are out there listening to this make sure you turn your managers on this kind of content because it does help.

Alright. So again, thank you so much. Now go dominate. Hi, everyone. This is jim again.

If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to visit threemilestorage. Com for more free resource on how to grow your self storage business. See you on the next episode


I hear those words from time to time from self storage owners. "I can't compete against the big boys in my market". I wanted to lay some of the foundation work that I go through with clients that helps them navigate to compete in their competitive self storage market.

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