Don't Just Jump Right to Size and Price

Can help you? Yeah. I was calling to see if you have any storage available? Um, I have 10x20's available they're $185 a month.

Okay. Just write that down here. A 10x20 is that what you said? Yeah, and all my other smaller ones I believe were all taken right now. Okay. Got it.

All right. Guess, that's it. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Let me know if you want to get that set up, we can do electronically, or I could meet you up there and do that all right.

Sounds good. Thank you. Thank you. Bye. Wow okay, that was that was short and sweet.

Uh, about a minute into it. Uh, when it comes to these calls, even when you're full. Okay. You still wanna have ah, framework?

To these things. You know, if you heard anything things i've done in the past with these ever call counts series, is you have a greeting, you build some rapport , build value in what you have.

Qualify, you know, their needs. Get the pricing and then reserve a confirm. Ah, sounds like, you heard it.

Just skip right to the punch of yeah, we got 10x20's $185. That was it. You're kind of missing an opportunity here. Okay, of first, have a bit of a greeting.

Asking who is calling on getting my name. Buildings, you know, a quick rapport saying okay, what do you storing?

What do you need? You know, for for storage. And then great. If it's a fit for that size unit.

Perfect. Okay, uh, just have a little bit ahead of time. I'm just building that value of what you have available. And if it's a good fit for if I if I need a 10x20 and it's what you got?

Perfect. Um, just kind of went straight to the punch on that one. Uh, this is all we got. This is our price.

That was it. So again for the sites that are in this position. Okay and again, a good position to have, again. That's a whole other thing we could talk about it is that you should always have some availability in certain size units because that means you're probably not charging enough.

But we're getting some of that revenue management how that dovetails into these kind of calls but again, yeah, if that's all you got is a certain size.

Okay, great. But still hear the call out? You know hear that person out? What? They need certain sizes. Hey, maybe that's all it needs. A certain if it's small size, and that's all I need.

We'll still get that information from me, because, hey, maybe you have, ah, list of when someone's gonna be moving out.

You could give them a call back and a quick follow up again. You maybe you haven't even asked me? Do you need it right now or do you need it maybe next week. You know, what's the timetable here? Maybe I can I can work something out with you.

So how that in mind if you're in that position of, you're full. You only have certain amount of units available. Again, don't just jump right to the punch of this is my price. This is my units availability, you know, take it or leave it.

No, it's still the same kind of sales presentation. You want to gather because again you get your list put together for any vacant units that come up in the future.

Maybe have some alliances built around you could maybe help them. They need it right now. You don't have that size available. You can send them somewhere else that you've maybe built some competition alliances together with again helping the customer.

Okay, that's always the of all the things we're talking about here and again, I know sometimes I may rag on the managers at times, uh, answering the calls, but it's always for the for the sake of the customer. Bring the most fire to the customer.

And, you know, a call like that, didn't really serve me whatsoever. So have that in mind? You know, if you're in that position for next time, that that phone rings, take a little bit of time.

Okay. All right. So, again, enough for that call. Let's move on to another one. Hi, everyone.

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