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Hello, this is kevin can I help you? Yeah, I was calling to see if you have any storage available? Um, what size are you looking for?

Trying to think, trying to figure that out, actually. Something a little bit larger, its my whole house.

So, how much furniture, big appliances, anything like that? Uh, its three bedrooms worth of furniture. So your standard, I guess. What? Mattresses, and, uh, chest, drawers, that kind of stuff.

Uh, no appliances, though. I don't have to worry about bringing that with me, got ya. So for that, i'd recommend about a 10 x20.

Should be enough. It's about 200 square feet. Um, they're currently going for $155 a month. Okay. Just writing that down.

Okay. Got it. Um, we do require all of our tenants to have some form of insurance on their goods for your convenience. Um, if you're say homeowners or renters doesn't cover off site storage, our policy is $15 a month. It's your five grand in coverage.

And then the only other thing is we do you cylinder locks of this location to kind of look like a cork in a wine bottle. We have them here for $21 if you find one else where you can feel free to bring that in with you.

But if you need to buy one with us, uh, i'll be 21 on top of that. So all said and done, um, you're moving cost should be probably about $61 because it is on a $1 special.

Okay, okay. Dollar for rent and everything. Okay, got it. Uh, and then the subsequent months with that insurance would be, um, $170 even every month after that.

What if I only needed for, like, a month? That's kind of the idea. He's kind of get in, get out. Kind of deal, then. No worries. It would be that 61 moving and then, um, that be it, a long as you're out 30 days later, you wouldn't get charged an additional amount.

Okay. Got that. All right. Okay. I guess i'll let you know then. Okay. No worries. I recommend checking us out, to make a reservation through there or by just calling us back at this number.

Okay. All right. Sounds good. Okay, thank you. Perfect. You're welcome. Have a good rest of your day.

You too. Bye. Okay uh, not bad. Not bad again. Kind of missing a flow of it. All right.

At least there was a greeting, but didn't ask me for my name again. I know it's such a simple thing, guys. I've just introducing yourself. Who am I speaking with?

But just just getting that name out of the way and just starting the conversation that way, it really does set the tone. Okay? It's such a simple thing that's very effective.

Uh,build some rapport in value again. He did ask, you know what am I storing, what size do I need? Um, again, I would like to flip that.

Alright. And not just say what size do you need? Now you're putting all the pressure on me of what are you storing? I get a good size ideas. We can find the right value for you.

Okay. It's again subtle, but it makes all the difference in the world. Have not put the pressure on me of finding out what size, calling you help counsel me through that.

Okay. What's the best size for what i'm storing that we can find the best value. Okay, it's simple and effective. So we got a little through that what size got down to a 10x20

Our great got the pricing. Here's insurance. This is kind of on my trip up a little bit. I'd love to get thoughts on this to all the comments and that when you're getting pricing, great. But then when you start adding insurance and then you have to get the cylinder lock okay to me, sometimes it just feels like you're attacking stuff on, and I totally get it.

That's revenue generation, and that's there for everyone's benefit of having insurance. So bring me the such ok, let me know.

You know, you know, for your added security benefit way, have insurance that's on this package as well. And we're gonna have to have a cylinder lock, you know, for these units to store here.

It says we really prioritize our security at that facility. Make sure goods or secure as possible. And these cylinder locks are the best you can get okay just to something like that, just help me kind of justify a little bit more and build more value in what you're charging me, okay? And the only takes an extra 10 seconds to kind of get through that. It's like, okay, cool.

And it kinda helps me drop any kind of complaints, you know, just just kind of icky feeling. I might get just getting attacked on fees. All right, so think about that when we're giving you pricing.

And again, I do like that. They actually mentioned all that on the call front. I hate going to my secret shop site don't get told on the phone.

Then you go there and then I lost sudden. It's like, oh, yeah, it was a dollar moving special. But now we got this and this and this now, 70 bucks.

Okay? Just sounds like a baited switch. So I love that they're able to put that on the phone. Just build some more value into it. Okay? Help justify the cost a bit more.

Lastly, with the reserve and confirmation, kind of end the call. That way there is no urgency. Again. I love to be a little bit a little bit more urgency of like, hey, we only have a few left of this. The size do recommend to reserve this right now, I get your name phone number to put on this list for you.

Just something. Should we take it out of inventory will say this for you for the next 24. 48 hours? Yeah, that wasn't there.

Okay, so there's no sense of urgency. I don't really have any kind of reason to make sure I follow up with them. And speaking of follow up, there was no question of.

Can I get your information so I can send you what we talk about. Confirm what we talked about with the pricing and the size and the quote again, if you've heard in the stuff in the past, I love being able to get their text to build a send that in a text. Just like, cool. Hey, if I could get your he didn't ask for a name, but again, see if you set it up beginning. Get a name.

Kind of sets us up for the later in the call. Be able to send you a quick text. Just confirm what we talked about. So you have it in writing.

What's a good number to send this to? Okay, just doing that makes you stand out from everybody else. Okay, again, its your customer service.

Now you're getting it to make sure you're able to follow up with them. And that's a whole nother thing as well as the art of the follow up. But again, on as far as the customer goes, I would love to be able to get that in writing in text, that what we just talked about because we all know, you know, if someone's calling around, they call 3, 4 who knows how many locations, kind of price match and see what's going on. If you send a text that way, boom, they're on their phone that you already you already established that rapport little bit a little more of a connection rather than just trying to keep track of it right in prices down. So, yeah, hopefully all these calls you're listening to your starting pick up on things like, oh, I like that idea. I like this idea.

Um, this is not meant for me to be like just writing all the calls because there's a lot of great calls out there. Its a art of continually improving your sales. Presentation and man, and once you kind of lock that in on getting those that set up on the greeting and building rapport and value.

You know, qualifying the needs, setting up the pricing and reserved and confirmed kind of getting those pieces in place man you'll just kill it.

They'll stand out from everybody. And it's not that it's not that hard just to kind of take some practice. And so we're listening to these calls and and listen to real calls on some of my evaluations afterward.

Ah, I think it's bound to help your own call as well. Uh, just listening to it and that kind of brings me to something real quick is if you already have this capability, set it up like a tracking number. They're really cheap, inexpensive, that we can listen to your own calls. Okay. And trust me, you're gonna be your own worst critic listening to yourself and your sales presentation. But it's the quickest way to make some changes quickly in your sales presentation. You'll start seeing the conversion go immediately up.

Okay, so that that's the whole point about doing this serious. So hope you're enjoying it. I think it's fun for me, too. I like doing this kind of call so i'll keep them coming.

Take care. Hi, everyone. This is jim again. If you enjoyed this episode, make sure to visit threemilesstorage. Com for more free resources on how to grow your self storage business.

See you on the next episode.

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