Boost Your Self Storage Employees Participation In Building A Team

Hi, everyone. Thanks for joining for another episode of the self storage show. This is jim ross. Uh, today's episode I was, before I started recording. Like, what are we going?

What should I talk about today? And then sitting on my desk was the latest issue of iss. Alright i'll give me inspiration on just talked about forming a serene team.

So you say it's during anyway. And like, oh, I haven't talked about this kind of strategy in a while and, you know, you say, team, I don't care if you just have one site, okay? And you have one employee.

What do you have? A large team? You have sites spread out all across the nation or, you know, like in medication. I'm kind of more in the west united states, and I kind of keep those my team in that region.

Well, yeah. It doesn't matter how many employees you have. You're still on the same team. Okay, your common goal is to educate yourself, be on the same page, have not common goal where you get into and this isn't necessarily specifics about.

You know your goal setting for your specific location or occupancy and revenue not so much about that. This is gonna be much more about just getting that communication going and getting employees just participating kind of in that in that team building process and at the same time educating themselves about the self storage industry.

So, yeah, the reason I kind of brought that up is simple. Simple strategy is simple technique they can utilize with your team, and i've seen utilize in different ways. Some people, you know, get together once a week, sometimes every other week. Sometimes it's once a month.

That's a little too long, in my opinion, just too many too many gaps in between actually getting together. Ah, lot of times what people will do on what I recommend. This simple strategy is kind of letting everyone know that's, you know, on your employees to say, okay, here's a list of resource is and I give those resources in a second right here. List of resource is just go through, find something to find an article, find a question, find a thread on in a group.

Something just kind of strikes you is interesting, or you wanna have questions about when you want to talk more about bring that to the group when we have our you get virtual most of time, especially nowadays having those kind of group sessions, and we'll talk about it and e kind of give, you know, them. A list of resource is that have them go through and start learning something. So you got your course your ss magazine have that sent all the stores. That's great.

I s talk on their website. That's a great online form, uh, to find, you know, questions and answers and just communication that's going on now.

It's been around for a long time. Yeah, of course. Your facebook groups, uh, good communications going on in those kind of groups. And I just join all these groups and kind of getting a finger on the pulse of what's going on.

You got your mini storage messenger another great magazine publication toe subscribe to and learn from. Of course, s s a you know, there are publications when you join their association, get their magazine.

Fantastic. Um, of course. Right now everyone's doing. You got your virtual summit. You got your webinars. You got your god fast. All that kind of stuff going on all the time, but just letting them know.

Hey, this is what's coming up or this is gonna list of resource is I want you to participate in it. And that's what's find something we can talk about next time we meet up and it's just a great way of being able to again. It kind of participate and just started getting the wheels flowing right. It's going, hey, how's how's work going?

Cool. All right, so the next time no, it za simple little strategy. It just helps kind of get things going here and there is effective or something reached out to me.

It's private a couple of weeks ago now and kind of humbling, but they've used my stuff or the course of the years with three mile domination and three miles storage. And the self storage showed us everything i've kind of done online, and they kind of use that as their springboard when they're having their company meetings.

What did you learn? What could we implement? What should we try? And they've been kind of using that as their framework.

Good to see you get communications flowing. My god, that z that made me feel good again you don't eat my stuff. There's also again. Let's all the resource is there's tons out there and you just kind of get one little colonel, sometimes of something that, just like that spark and everyone kind of jumps on it. And i've seen companies that just from one little something that a manager has brought to the communication brought to the group to talk about.

They are all on board to kind of start implementing that in the company culture and their policies and procedures, and they're better off for it. Eso again. I like that kind of style rather than kind of top down.

You know, the regional manager, the owner to saying this is this is what we're gonna do. It's much better just having open communication and contribution.

And then I get the question. Sometimes i'm like, all right, well, should always just be, you know, for these kind of sessions and these thes weekly or biweekly or monthly get togethers.

No, not necessarily. Um, some great online ways to kind of tie everyone together, have the communication going. Uh, if you haven't heard of it like slack, for instance, is a great online tool that it's all about having the kind of team communication. Makes things very easy toe share these articles and share files. And just having that kind of one on one communication or one to many communications eso again check out slack.

You might build test it out, but that in new york current operations been around for quite a while and I didn't start using until gosh, six months ago.

Probably like that. And it works out great. I've probably used half a percent of what it's capable of, but it's my needs and i'm good to go. You can check that out as well.

Eso again go out and just sort of looking. You gotta get listing off real quick again. Like your ss magazine s talk many stories. Messenger, facebook groups, off course s s a their magazine.

Even some of the state associations have there was like a magazine. No, texas does a list their magazine on online. You can check it online. That's a great one as well.

Forget what? That 1st, 2nd and yeah, just have this kind of communications or communications in the same coal.

Find something. We're gonna talk about our next meeting and discuss it and again doesn't necessarily always have to be something new you wanna talk about. It could just be an interesting article to something brought to your attention and sometimes just discussing that some other ideas can spring forward from that. And you might wanna implement that in your own business.

So again, it's just it's just something that's simple, effective that I just found that this helps get communication, you know, going right. And sometimes it could just be one person talking, right? Frankly, and then that's the kind of the end of the meeting. So I like it so again, thanks so much for being a part of this guys.

I really appreciate it for those that are not part of it again, facebook group invites you to go to self storage community dot com that we're bringing to the three mile storage facebook group growing every day.

I'm gonna be doing some fun things in there as well. Besides just doing this kind of live sessions so again, self storage community dot com, we'll get you put in.

All right. Thanks so much, guys. Have a good monday. I will see you tomorrow. Take care


Here's a simple strategy that helps boost participation and communication when building your self storage team.

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