October 20, 2020
Who's Got Your Customer?

Hey, it's jim. On this segment of three minutes of three mile. I want to talk about a question that I often ask myself, and that is who's got my customers? Okay, when i'm running a facility with my property management company or if i'm doing a consultation with somebody, i'll ask them that. Okay, […]

October 20, 2020
I Can't Compete Against Them

Hey, it's jim. About six months ago, I took over management of a location. I remember this owner saying, in the last year has had three new competitors. There's a there's a running theme of three you're going on, but you have three new competitors open up in this market. Him saying that they were […]

October 12, 2020
What Do You Do For A Living?

Hey, it's jim. Uh, this segment of three minutes with three mile. I just had a funny phone call that prompted me to record this segment. I was doing an interview with, um, guys doing kind of like a virtual booth kind of a deal for their business and just in conversation, you know, ask […]

October 12, 2020
Why 3 Mile Storage?

Hey, it's jim! In this episode, let's talk about, well, where three mile came from, the name. Okay, a little different, you know. Years ago I came up with three mile domination because it's, you know that that three mile anyone that's in the self storage industry, you kind of know that your target market […]


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