January 17, 2021
My Days Of Holding Live Self Storage Auctions

Hi everyone its jim ross with the self storage show. Thanks for tuning in for another episode here today. As as always, they go. What should I talk about? And literally just had a conversation about a half hour ago with a vendor that's coming into the industry and helping out when it comes to […]

January 17, 2021
Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: Memtech

Hi, everyone, this is jim ross. We're gonna be doing a vendor spotlight today. These air these air fun to dio I got lynn boucher with me. She's with the self storage seal division of memtech inc. How's it going, lynn? Very well, thank you, jim. How about yourself? Good, good. These air fun. That's […]

January 17, 2021
How Self Storage Owners Can Build Value In Their Business

Hi everyone. This is jim ross with self storage show. Uh, is gonna be a fun one. Got a great guest with me today. I'm not really. That's that's a long one. Got sean delaney here with me. Senior vice president, investments with delaney stuff storage group, part of marcus and millichap. I got it […]

January 17, 2021
Self Storage Vendor Spotlight: Stor-Guard

This is jim ross again with another storage spotlight. It's gonna be a good one here today. I got paula swanson from store guard with me. How you doing? I'm good. Jim. How about you? Good, good. Now, sometimes we do these vendor spotlights, and sometimes we just talk, and sometimes there's a presentation, so […]


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